CIRCOR Aerospace | Fluid Controls and Actuation Systems …

Highly Engineered System, Subsystem and Component Solutions for the Global Aerospace Industry

CIRCOR Aerospace is a fast-growing company known for its ability to provide highly engineered technology, service and system solutions to a range of aerospace and associated markets.

Globally focused with strategic facilities on four continents, we offer a range of products, components and integrated systems that are found on most commercial and military aircraft, as well as on unmanned aircraft, military ground vehicles, shipboard applications and spacecraft. Core product lines include: fluid control, landing gear and actuation, and electro-mechanical control.

Customers continue to choose us over other options for these compelling reasons:

CIRCOR Aerospace has business units located in California and New York, USA; Uxbridge, United Kingdom; Paris and Chemill, France; Tangier, Morocco and Suzhou, China. Parent company CIRCOR International is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts and the CIRCOR Aerospace group is headquartered in Corona, California.

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CIRCOR Aerospace | Fluid Controls and Actuation Systems …

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