Why I Relay — from Edith Halderman & Envy Watts

I relay in memory of my mother. She was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was eight. She had surgery, chemo, & cobalt (it was a while ago) when I was 9 yrs old. She was optimistically given a year to live. She lived 20 years.

I also have known, as I’m sure we all have, many precious people who were diagnosed. Carrie was a good friend, who went home while a group of us where away at a conference. I had to present at that conference the next day. I tearfully dedicated that presentation to her.

Sitting here thinking of other people I have known only makes me want to cry.

Edith Haldeman

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Why I relay…..

I relay for my mom, who lost her batttle to Liver Cancer, in November 2007.
I relay for all the victims of this thief…

Envy Watts

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