Samara is on a Romantic European vacation! We’re praying for her safe journey, and a happy homecoming.

The Passionate Redheads RenFaire kicked off with the band, Slave Girls Rock, and rock we did!

A beautifully dressed crowd of Lords and Ladies graced the Southern Colorado Sim, which had been transformed by into a virtual Rennaisance Faire for this event. We had expected to be partying there all weekend long, but Second Life had other plans. An unexpected maintenance issue forced us off the sim so many times, the RenFaire was eventually cancelled by Saturday afternoon.

In the time we were there we enjoyed roasting a few Redheads to raise money for Relay, and some of us sold kisses for Lindens! The little shoppes set up by Team Members were a big hit, and we eventually raised over L$10,000, no small feat!

Thanks to all who worked so hard on this project, especially Rita and Shocky. We came away with new friends and lots of good ideas for next year!

Go Redheads! Three more weeks til we Relay!

Yours in Service,


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