Ask Nick: Is something wrong with Gonzalez?

The Red Sox continue to be plagued with injuries as Kevin Youkilis heads to the disabled list. By my count, the Red Sox have $77, 224,000 worth of major league talent on the disabled list:

Here are some rounded-off individual figures: Carl Crawford – $19.5M John Lackey – $15.25M Kevin Youkilis – $12M Daisuke Matsuzaka ? $10M Jacoby Ellsbury – $8.05M Bobby Jenks – $6M Andrew Bailey – $3.90M Andrew Miller – $1.04M Jason Repko – $600,000 Ryan Kalish – $483,000 Chris Carpenter – $482,000

So not exactly the easiest start health-wise for the Red Sox, who changed their medical and training staff in the offseason.

A few other observations:

* Adrian Gonzalez is struggling and we all know he will hit. Just wish he would run hard on a ground ball now and then. Big Papi does.

* My apologies to a reader, Reed from Chico, Calif., He made an observation a couple of weeks back:

“Ownership and upper management do the hiring, firing and most importantly, the signing of players and hiring staff members. So I don’t want to hear that it’s all Bobby Valentine’s fault or just the player’s fault. Thoughts?”

And I responded: “Bobby Valentine was the right hire. This is his 16th season as a manager in the major leagues. You don’t last that long being a bad manager. It’s incredible to me how unfair people like yourself are toward him. It’s 15 games in and you’ve made up your mind. Amazing.”

Obviously, Reed was on my side of the issue. Sorry, Reed.

* It was great working with Don Orsillo on a few of the NESN broadcasts last week with Jerry Remy out sick. Don’t tell him, but he’s really good. We wish Jerry a speedy recovery. He is missed.

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Ask Nick: Is something wrong with Gonzalez?

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