Jed: New singers are my wake-up call

Instead letting new singers faze him, Jed Madela would rather take their presence as a challenge, a wake-up call for him to improve his craft.

He knows that anytime soon, somebody better can come and take your place.

Jed knows that even if he holds the distinction of being the only guy na bumibirit, somebody else can take his place in an instance. But instead of losing sleep and seeing this as a threat, Jed prefers to look at it as a wake-up call, a reason to keep on being a better performer.

I use it to my advantage instead of letting me feel nervous, he relates.

Besides, whats another potential obstacle when Jed has gone through a lot worst as a struggling performer?

Wala kaming pahinga noon. Minsan, wala pang tao. Nag-perform na ako na one table lang ang nanonood, musical arranger ko pa ang nandon. Nadaanan ko na ang lahat ng pambabastos.May nagsabing huwag na kaming tumugtog, he recalls. Positive thinking

He felt bad and embarrassed. But the optimist knew there are always people out there who watch him perform than those who wish him ill.

Thanks to such positive thinking, Jed went on to become the countrys pride when he won grand prize at the 2005 World Championship of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, California, where he bested 3,000 singers from 52 countries.

That was not all the ASAP 2012 co-host and performer went through to be where he is now. Jed had to present a demo CD every time he wanted to push a song to recording companies.

Now, its very convenient for everybody to be exposed, Jed observes. You have the internet and You Tube. You have Twitter and Facebook. Sobrang suwerte ng generation ngayon. But the challenge, he adds, is just as great.

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Jed: New singers are my wake-up call

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