Garena hack using wpe pro may 2009 – Video

24-05-2012 22:03 Dowload here: Now use your mind to create the third filter cuz i wont upload it:P soo… Tip: the third filter refers to expiration date of the gold member soo now use your brain and or your bag of triks to create a pacher that loads with garena and login with gold or full admin based on those 2 or more filters:dc# or c++ recomended Or you can also download wpe pro source code from and update as you want to be undetable by using your mind I have my own Packet editor based on wpe and some featured from whireshark but i wont upload this is my bag of triks:) [En]This video shows you how to hack garena to buy everithyng from garena shop using shels via WPE PRO also what u have see in this video u can add to your c++ project i assume you know that or u can just crack garena but the best way is truth whireshark also u can see the filters i will upload on. rapidshare there also is an third filter that im not showing in this video that doo the rest of the job but il assume u know how to doo that:P Peace IceyJoke[RO] may 2009

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Garena hack using wpe pro may 2009 – Video

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