FaZe Apex – Funnies and Fails – Episode 18 – Video

04-04-2012 17:50 Like/Fav’s are always appreciated :D **PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION** Hey guys sorry ive been kinda inactive lately, and this episode being kind of short, but i havent had anything to upload.. ill try on getting hot shots out but dont really enjoy mw2 atm.. ive been playing cod4/mw3 only pretty much which is also another reason why this is mostly cod4.. apexs mix 18 is almost finished but with the faze upload schedule i wont be able to upload til like the end of april probably lol.. working on cod4 dualtage w/abolish and multi cod4. PLEASE comment telling me what you would like for me to upload.. any suggestions are appreciated. And btw would you mind commentaries? let me know in the comments. SUBSCRIBE TO The Funnies and Fails Showpage! Twitter Backup Channel Thanks guys! :D

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(1) FaZe Apex – Funnies and Fails – Episode 18 – Video
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-ml5kpxUUs

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