Death Note Vs Code Geass (Anime Vs for May 2012) – Video

01-05-2012 02:36 This is the Anime debate for the Month of May 2012. No need to go super hardcore or start any hating. This is all for fun and keep in mind that I WILL remove any comments that DO NOT pertain to the discussion at hand when May 10th arrives. And PLEASE try not to argue in this video; save it for May 10th. Link to the CloudVillage collaboration channel. Rules For the Debate: 1. PLEASE start Uploading videos on May 10th 2012 and videos will stop on May 14th 2012. Any Video that is uploaded after May 14 will NOT BE COUNTED!!! 2. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO UPLOAD ONLY ONE VIDEO!!!! 3. If their are any comments that do not pertain to the discussion in a video about the topic then those comments should and WILL be removed. 4. When making a video you must have considerable or equal knowledge about both series. 5. A video must be longer than 4 minuets and if it is considered “Legit” than that Video will be awarded 4 POINTS!!! 6. When posting comments on other videos pertaining to the discussion, Long Comments over 400+ Characters will be awarded 2 POINTS!!! Short Comments lower than 300- comments will be awarded 1 POINT!!! 7. YOU WILL ONLY BE ACCOUNTED FOR ONE COMMENT PRE VIDEO!! (If your going to upload a video and have problems understanding the rules than PM me and I will get to you at some point before May 10th) LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!! XD

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Death Note Vs Code Geass (Anime Vs for May 2012) – Video

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