At Content Creators, journalists practice their craft and get paid

May 15, 2012

By Julia Scott Tim Collie stumbled upon a universal truth while building his news startup, Content Creators. Most people dont like their website. The design is bad, or they dont know how to upload videos. The content stagnates, and the site becomes a calling card appended with excuses.

Imagine then, that you get a cold call from Collie, 51.

Were story tellers, his pitch goes. Weve looked at your website. We believe we can help provide you with content and videos.

Talk about full service. Content Creators offers ghostwriting, editing, website design, photography, video, social media, and any other kind of content creation you can think of. Folks who design websites dont typically follow up by providing content and keeping the thing bug-free.

Content Creators does. In fact, it is rare that they are hired to create a website and not contribute the content.

Its one reason why the start up, barely three years old, makes enough to pay out of state college tuition for Collies two sons.

We are willing to work with people who have basic skills, he said. Not that he and his two partners, photographer and videographer Andrew Innerarity and business manager Jodie Knofsky, have left their day jobs. Collie edits the political news website

Content Creators is based in South Florida and covers three counties, Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade. Instead of having a main office, Collie and his partners work from home and on the road. Were kind of virtual, he said. We can move anywhere.

Eighty percent of the work is done by Collie and his two partners. The rest is contractors. Expenses are minimal. Gas money eats up a chunk of change. Indemnity insurance is another big ticket at a few hundred bucks a month.

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At Content Creators, journalists practice their craft and get paid

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