Look At Me Now ft. UNM Medical School ’15 – Video

22-03-2012 13:06 Share on FB: Tweet this video: Up vote on Reddit: Disclaimer: The views/lyrics expressed in this video are our own opinions and do not represent the views or opinions of UNM or UNM SOM. This video is not intended to disparage fellow peers, colleagues, or critics. Thank you. Parody/Remix of Chris Brown’s “Look at me now” ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil’ Wayne by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine Class of 2015. If you enjoy this video, please send it along to your friends! Most importantly, please help us care for those in need by donating to one of our student run clinics. Click the link below to read more about One Hope Centro de Vida Health Center. Any donation would be much appreciated! Thanks! (Donation link can be found at the bottom of the webpage) Lyrics: (Intro) I don’t understand how you could hate from outside of med school, You can’t even get in… leggo. (Verse 1) Yellow highlighters, Yellow Mucous membrane, Yellow Adipose, Yellow Mesentery, Yup, yup, that stuff look like a fimbriae, I just took out 4 years worth of loans, in 2 days, Ladies love me, I go to med school, And my white coat’s nice and pressed, what you think fool? She cut it all off, Frank-y Netters, And them suicide patients, serotonin, (Hook) Look at me now, Look at me now, oh, I’m diagnosin’ Look at me now, oh, Look at me now, yeah, I’m fresher than a Pharm student (Verse 1 cont’d) Grande cup at Starbucks, gotta get a tall one, But I gotta get off

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Look At Me Now ft. UNM Medical School ’15 – Video

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