In Clinic (In Paris medical school parody) – Video

11-02-2012 13:26 Love to all our med school brothers and sisters! DJ Vapor, Sound Engineer: Miles Mueller, Director of Photography: Med students so hard, can’t nothing deter us Rotations don’t scurr us Finished two years of classes finally we’re in the hospital like now it’s surrus (Med students so hard) All day rounding Hours we work are astounding Wanna diagnose every patient on the census but we’re new to this game and differentials are confounding (Med students so hard) Check the anion gap I’m like a ninja when I do a pap (Med students so hard) Rocking Tdap Everybody wishes they could tap Medicine is happenin’, but surgeons get the best toys Bovies, bone saws, babcocks, Ortho boys (Med students so hard) We treat em, where the charts at, we need em Spend all morning writing notes like a boss, but nobody’s gonna read em (Med students so hard) Meds immerse us, wash our hands and microbes curse us Our greatest care is patient care Hearts in the right place, no situs inversus (Med students so hard) catching babies, vaccinate against rabies Med mobster, treat zoster, helpin’ all of my shingle ladies (Med students so hard) Chug caffeine, titrate Lantus like a machine, They say do a DRE, blushin’ like Parvo B-19 Med students so hard, acronyms never end RCA, CVA, DKA Med students so hard, don’t know em but we’ll pretend tPA, PSA, AMA Patients ask me questions and I spike my cortisol Tachycardic, give us all metoprolol Feelin like C. diff, med

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In Clinic (In Paris medical school parody) – Video

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