Weekend’s wet weather in Nebraska could affect travel, cause flooding – Omaha World-Herald

Rain and snow smacked Nebraska on Saturday and will continue to do so Sunday in some areas.

Persistent precipitation led to National Weather Service flood warnings until early Sunday in Omaha, Lincoln and other communities in southeast Nebraska.

Meteorologist David Eastlack said the vast storm system has lived up to expectations, hammering Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota and the Northern Plains this weekend.

Authorities advised caution for drivers throughout the weekend because of rain or snow in all directions from Omaha.

Rain late Saturday in northeast Nebraska most likely will turn to a wintry mix and blowing snow Sunday.

Omaha had received up to 2 inches of rain as of late Saturday morning and rain was expected to persist. The National Weather Service said Omaha has a chance of snow Sunday.

Western Nebraska and most of northern Nebraska were placed under a winter storm warning through Saturday.

Cody Thomas, a spokesman for the Nebraska State Patrol, urged drivers to be cautious and alert. "I know it's getting slick out west," Thomas said Saturday. "All the way through the panhandle."

Nebraska travelers can check up-to-date travel conditions at 511.Nebraska.gov or with 511s smartphone app. You may also simply Google NWS Scottsbluff, NWS Kearney, NWS Valentine and other cities to get area conditions and forecasts. NWS stands for National Weather Service.

Forecasts for some communities and cities in the region:

Kearney will be under a winter storm warning through much of Sunday with rain and snow expected to continue.

Scottsbluff can expect snow showers to give way to sun on Sunday, but temperatures will stay well below freezing.

Des Moines will be cloudy Sunday with a chance of rain and snow Sunday night.

Chicago might see rain today and tonight with a chance of rain or snow Monday.

Minneapolis probably will see some rain Sunday with chances of drizzle and a wintry mix Sunday night.

Denver will experience sun and some wind Sunday with a low of 12 degrees on a clear Sunday night.

Many Panhandle cities, including Scottsbluff, declared snow emergencies beginning at 5 a.m. Saturday.

Travel on some roads well north and west of Omaha was expected to be difficult over the weekend as fluctuating temperatures caused ice to melt and refreeze during the storm, according to meteorologist Alex Trellinger at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, weather service office.

A dry New Years is expected for Omaha, with highs Tuesday in the low 30s and temperatures falling to the low 20s early New Years Day.

The 10 biggest single-day snowfalls in Omaha history

No. 10: The only entry on the list of the 21st century saw 10.5 inches of snow fall onJan. 5, 2005.

Iowa and Nebraska prepared for a "wintry blast" in 2005, when Omaha received 10.5 inches of snow.

No. 9: Omaha was hit with 10.6 inches of snow on Jan. 5, 1932.

A record-breaking snowstorm hit Omaha on Jan. 5, 1932, when the area got 10.6 inches of snow the most ever recorded on a January day at the time.

No. 8: 11.5 inches fell in Omaha on Jan. 27, 1949.

The Jan. 27, 1949, winter storm brought 11.5 inches of snow to Omaha, which hardly compared to the 40 inches that blasted Chadron, Nebraska, earlier in the month, The World-Herald wrote on Jan. 27, 1949.

No. 7: On Feb. 18, 1908, a storm dumped 11.7 inches on Omaha.

A cartoon printed in the Feb. 19, 1908, edition of The World-Herald anticipates how people will remember the storm decades later. The Omaha area received 11.7 inches of snow the previous day.

No. 6: Omaha saw 12.1 inches of snow onJan. 10, 1975.

The Jan. 10, 1975, winter storm was among the deadliest snowstorms in Omaha history, claiming the lives of six people.

No. 5: Omaha saw a snowfall of 12.8 inches onFeb. 21, 1945

The Feb. 21, 1945, storm brought 12.8 inches of snow to the Omaha area. Pictured is a truck foreman lending a helping hand to a car stuck in the snow.

More photos from the Feb. 21, 1945, snowstorm.

No. 3 (tie):It snowed 13 inches in Omaha again onMarch 15, 1923.

The March 15, 1923, snowstorm which produced 13 inches of snow claimed the lives of three in the Omaha area.

No. 3 (tie): It snowed 13 inches on Dec. 7, 1892 the only 19th century entry on the list, largely due to a lack of earlier accurate weather data.

No. 2:It snowed 13.7 inches in Omaha on Feb. 23, 1942

Despite nearly 14 inches of snow, the Feb. 24, 1942, edition of The World-Herald reported that classes were still in session. Previous generations walked to school uphill both ways, as they say.

No. 1: It snowed a whopping 18.3 inches in Omaha onFeb. 11, 1965

The same storm that dropped more than 18 inches in Omaha dumped as much as 30 inches in Clatonia, Nebraska.

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Weekend's wet weather in Nebraska could affect travel, cause flooding - Omaha World-Herald

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