Travel blogger makes 600k in a YEAR by posting sponsored pics on Instagram all while travelling the world f – The Sun

THIS 25-year-old made 600,000 in a year by posting sponsored pics on Instagram - all while travelling the world for free.

Travel blogger Tara Whiteman, aka Tara Milk Tea, has 1.3 million followers and cashed in AUS$1.1 million in 2019.




The influencer came 17th in Instagram's rich list, released yesterday, putting her just one spot below model Bella Hadid.

Tara, from Sydney, was paid for 73 sponsored pics this year, and is thought to earn an average of 8,000 per post.

She was the only Aussie to make the top 20 - and her recent envy-inducing trips include the Maldives, New Zealand and Abu Dhabi.

Tara fell in love with travel as a teenager, while exploring her Asian heritage - on her mum's side of the family.




She previously told the Mail: "I travel with my partner and we've both always enjoyed photography.

"I take photos of him, and he takes them of me. Strangers offer to take photos of us together, which is really nice."

Tara insists there isn't any 'secret' to the perfect Insta shot, but says she always makes sure her pics are bursting with colour.

And you need to be an early riser - as Tara takes most of her shots before 8am, when there are less tourists around.




Instagram's top 2019 earners

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, she added: "Three key components to capturing the perfect moment while travelling would be shooting in the right light, which leads to getting up early (for light and to avoid crowds), and also planning your outfits.

"I love trying to match/blend or perfectly contrast with a city, so Ill do a little research before going somewhere to see what outfits would work best for the photos."

And she insists she isn't glued to her phone, with Tara doing tech-free days on many of her trips.

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She said: "I love leaving our hotel without our phones, and then wander off into the unknown... We always try to make sure we get a little lost in places that offer so much more than just picturesque Instagram photos."

Speaking about her dreamy life, Tara told the Mail: "Travel is really fulfilling. I love seeing different cultures and ways of life. Sometimes I do miss my family, but we talk almost every day so it's never too bad."

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Travel blogger makes 600k in a YEAR by posting sponsored pics on Instagram all while travelling the world f - The Sun

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