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To solidify Nevis position as the definitive Island of Love, the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) has introduced a specialty cocktail with aphrodisiac properties for Valentines Day.

Inspired by Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, the NEVISAN KISS was conceived by the award-winning Nevisian mixologist, Mr. Kremour Maloney. Mr. Maloney tells us, Aphrodite was also Cupids mother, the symbol of Valentines love and passion, and she was acclaimed to have given us the gift of pleasure and the power of seduction, all elements that stir those lustful feelings that are captured in her namesake, Aphrodisiac, and we deliver in the Nevisian Kiss.

Aromatic and spiced, the NEVISIAN KISS contains three magical elixirs with aphrodisiac qualities that have been used through the ages: Cinnamon for blood flow and sexual libido; Ginger to increase body heat and a heightened heart rate; and Nutmeg, reputed to be Viagra for Women, also raises body heat, sweetens breath, and acts as an all-round stimulant. The foundation of the Nevisian Kiss is the Nevisian rum, Captain Nils Viking Rum, and combined these ingredients are brewed to make a potent mix.

The recipe for the Nevisian Kiss is a blend of 1.5 oz. Captain Nils Viking Rum, 1.0 oz. fresh lime juice, 1.0 oz. cinnamon infused simple syrup, 0.75 oz. apple juice, 2 slices of ginger root, and finished with a garnish of fresh grated nutmeg. To ensure you have your NEVISIAN KISS blended to perfection, Mr. Maloney will host a demonstration via a live stream on @NevisNaturally, the handle for Instagram on Sunday, February 14, at 1 pm AST (12:00 pm EST).

Nevis, The Island of Love, is renowned as a destination for all things romance: engagements, weddings, and romantic holidays. This Valentines Day, Nevis wants to assist you in declaring your love to your significant other in grand style by illuminating your commitment on the NTAs social media platforms. To be featured, all it requires for your participation is to share your love story, titled Nevis Love Story with their social media handles for the NTA and they will create a personalized image in your honor.

On receipt of your story, the NTA will create a Sandy Love graphic by drawing a heart on a pristine beach, lapped by the warm Caribbean waters, and take photos of the images. The graphic will feature the names of the lovers that submitted a Nevis Love Story with their social media handles tagged, and on Valentines Day, the tagged images will be posted on the NTAs social media platforms and shared to all their followers.

Participants are encouraged to share their love story with the world by reposting this virtual symbol to celebrate their love, sealing their commitment with a NEVISIAN KISS. Wishing a happy Valentines Day from Nevis with love.

For travel and tourism information on Nevis, please visit the Nevis Tourism Authority website at and follow us on Instagram (@nevisnaturally), Facebook (@nevisnaturally), YouTube (nevisnaturally), and Twitter (@Nevisnaturally).

Nevis is part of the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis and is located in the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. Conical in shape with a volcanic peak at its center known as Nevis Peak, the island is the birthplace of the founding father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton. The weather is typical of most of the year with temperatures in the low to mid-80sF / mid 20-30sC, cool breezes and low chances of precipitation. Air transportation is easily available with connections from Puerto Rico, and St. Kitts. For more information about Nevis, travel packages and accommodations, please contact the Nevis Tourism Authority, USA Tel 1.407.287.5204, Canada 1.403.770.6697 or our website and on Facebook Nevis Naturally.

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