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Find relaxation at home

Heres my way of finding pleasure amidst the pandemic restrictions: We cant travel anywhere else for vacations this year. But rather than bemoaning our plight, I look at it this way: People from all over the world travel to Anacortes and the San Juan Islands for vacations. So Im just pretending I am on an extended vacation in the San Juans.

I dont have to pack and unpack suitcases, or wait in lines at airports, or sleep in uncomfortable beds that have been slept in by dozens of strangers. I can wear any of my clothes, not just the few that will fit in my carry-on. I can select any food I choose from my local grocery stores or take-out restaurants or the Farmers Market.

If I have an accident or illness, my hospital and doctor are just minutes away. My phone and internet work here. I can go for a socially-distanced walk with friends on woodland trails, not be stuck somewhere with strangers. I can say, Not today, Im on vacation. And if I need help, my family and friends are nearby.

Staying home seems pretty good if you think of it as a vacation.

Cynthia Richardson


Horse riders should clean up the mess

I regularly walk the trails through our Anacortes Forest Lands and truly see all the work that has gone into making them both beautiful and very much appreciated.

What my frustration has been is with those whose actions seem to mean they want to have horse riding forbidden on the trails. No, I dont want to outlaw all horseback riding. There may only be one rider who refuses to be responsible for their animal.

Almost every day I find a new pile of droppings right in the middle of the trail. I do know some riders who take responsibility for their horse and actually carry a small shovel to remove what their horse drops as they travel. Just getting the mess off the trail would be very much appreciated. When they are left in the middle of one of the most traveled trails, it seems like the rider desires horses no longer be allowed.

Chris Anderson


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