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When it comes to technological advancements, people tend to fall into two categories: those who are excited about the next big thing and those who are extremely concerned about the dangers of these new technologies.

Technological advances have provided immense convenience to our lives. Along with that, though, technological advances have been the cause many issues most of us face in the modern world. For example, total loss of privacy, the dwindling of simple human interaction and the over-reliance on technology. Even though most of us recognize these things as issues, our relationship with technology stays the same.

But technology continues to advance, and as it does, it pushes boundaries further and further. On the west coast, technology is being developed to help people live longer, healthier, higher-performing and more closely monitored lives than ever before. This new technology, which includes implants and microchips, is intended to help improve cognitive ability and health.

Self-described transhumanist Zoltan Istvan is interested in technology that can be transplanted and believes that science can conquer death.

As a transhumanist, Im someone who wants to merge my body with machine parts, Istvan said. I want to becomea more complete, stronger and perfect living entity.

Istvan has a chip implanted in his hand already, which he uses to open his front door, send out text messages and carry other information. Ultimately, he plans to receive an implant in his brain that will connect his brain to the internet.

While a healthier lifestyle sounds promising, we should be focusing on ways to be better versions of ourselves without technological implants. Personally, using technology to make ourselves physically better seems like a cop-out excuse to avoid doing the work required for self-improvement.

Not only that, but technology like this seems extremely dangerous. There are so many things that could go wrong with something like this and I dont think the benefits of this technology can outweigh the risks. Subjecting yourself to operations that have barely been tested is a disaster waiting to happen.

There has been little research so far on the effects of microchips. With that said, its important were careful with the things we put into our bodies. While the intention of these things are to make us better overall, because theres no research to back it up, we dont know what the consequences of this technology will be.

If we really want to start living a stronger, healthier lifestyle, then we need to start making better, healthier choices. There are so many ways you can improve your cognitive ability without having to chip yourself. According to Psychology Today, some of these things include physical activity, openness to experience, social connections and getting an adequate amount of sleep.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as we all make it out to be; weve done it without brain implants and microchips before and well be fine without them going forward.

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Experimental health technology is going too far - The Volante

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