Underground Seven Room Khankah Cave Of Kashmir Discovered At Shah Nugri Mawal Handwara – 5 Dariya News

Khawaja Farooq Renzushah has felicitated Sufi Scholar Jenab KHURSHID Dar sahib for the first time discovering underground Khankah of Kashmir in Shah Nigri Mawar HANDWARA forests. It is from the period from 1321 to 1370. It has seven rooms (khanas) underground still existing. It is of the Sufi era of Hazrat Bulbulshah RA & Mir Syed Hamadani RA 1321-1370 Ad. According to witnesses one great Sufi Buzarag Hazrat Abdul Wahab Aitqaadi had mediated in this spiritual underground KHANKAH in the 14th century and recited 99 names of Allah. At present, with timely action, this first underground seven-room KHANKAH can be saved from crumbling. Khwaja Renzushah said that the Research team headed by scholar Khurshid Dar Sahib who had gone on the spot made this Spiritual Discovery. He said it is part of spiritual voyage chanting 99 names of Allah & 99 names of Ishiq-e-Rasool (SAW) and Bandaye Parwardigaram preamble of Jamaat aAtqaad that our esteemed Nigraans have identified various abodes and underground places of many Buzargaan-e-Deen, Sufi scholars, Authors, mystic personalities of last seven hundred years. It is part of a big spiritual task to identify all 7777 BUZARGAN DEEN of Kashmir.Khurshid sahib while visiting on spot has found that from underground Khankah walls echo of 99 names emerge after sitting in meditation for some period.Khurshid Dar Sahib along the team has intimated that it is for the first time that such significant discovery has been made where first underground Sufi KHANKAH has been explored deep in the forest. He has submitted an underground picture of the underground Khankah.

North Kashmir scholar Jenab Khurshid Dar (Handwara) head of spiritual research team in the area of Jamaat Aitqaad International along with witness research team of Jamaat Aitqaad at the abode of first underground Khankah.Where Hazrat Abdul Wahab Aitqaadi has mediated in chillah. This Khankah is at Shah Nigri Mawar Handwara of the period between Hazrat Bulbulshah RA 1321 to the period of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani RA 1370 Ad in Seven underground rooms caved deep underground.Unfortunately at present Research team was dejected to see this astonishing spiritual marvel at Shah Nigri, Mawar Handwara Crumbling, and in shambles.The Seven roomed cave where a towering and high ranked Wali Kamil Of Rab-i-Jaleel, Hazrat Shiekh Syed Abdul Wahab RA, mediated for years is crumbling.The cave is just a few hundred meters away from this Ziarat Sharif. From its internal structure and style of construction, it is clear that the Mystic powers used to meditate here. There is also a spring at a short distance from the cave, which has now dried up.The approximate length of this cave is 30 ft. 2.5 ft wide and its height is 6 feet approximately. Although the cave is crumbling and is in shambles yet a corridor is seen there and there are 7 strange rooms. When we enter the cave there are two small rooms one left side and the second one is on the right side the last portion of the cave is down and there seems the seventh room.It is said that when this high ranked mystic reached there. No habitation was there. A cowherd was feeding his cattle there. Impressed by the iconic mystic powers Rab-i-Jaleel bestowed to this high ranked Syed, the cowherd became his helper.Hazrat Shiekh Syed Abdul Wahab RA belongs to the period between 1321 AD to 1370 AD when the Sufi mystic era of Hazrat Bulbulshah RA & Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamdani RA was dominant in Kashmir.Was this cave used by the Spiritual and divine powers to get enlightenment?

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Underground Seven Room Khankah Cave Of Kashmir Discovered At Shah Nugri Mawal Handwara - 5 Dariya News

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