Signs of Awakening to Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment is unique for each person, and varies with the spiritual path, but here are some classic signs of how early to mid spiritual enlightenment unfolds with Divine Openings:

Divine Openings brings Practical EnlightenmentSpiritual Bliss ~ Practical Life Solutions

As well as bringing spiritual bliss and oneness with The Presence, Divine Openings brings practical spiritual enlightenment that works in daily life. Some paths bring bliss, but living on this earth is still hard. Lola Jones created Divine Openings to be practical. While mystical phenomena do happen at times, we don't chase it or glorify it.

Divine Openings helps you function at high levels in this world, have fulfilling work and thrilling relationships, and enjoy this Earth Life. You are able to stay unattached to details, people, things, and events, but passionate about life and people, not detached from them. You don't float off into la la land or wish to be in another dimension.

Divine Openings is deliberately designed to produce this practical spiritual enlightenment. If your heart desires it, Divine Openings helps you let it in. Your life works.

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Signs of Awakening to Spiritual Enlightenment

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