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Prior to hisspiritual awakening, NLE Choppa was running around in the streets, rapping violent lyrics and living a fast lifestyle. In a short year, he's charged everything surrounding his lifestyle, seeking a more sustainable life.

The 18-year-old rapper has a vegetable garden in his backyard now and he's been doing tons of reading to educate himself on a "new world forming". While his ideas sometimes sound like those of a rambling conspiracy theorist, he's definitely on the path to enlightenment, which is nice to bear witness to.

In a new video interview with The Shade Room, which was filmed in the midst of his spiritual journey, NLE Choppa spoke about an array of topics surrounding his career, including women.

The interviewer asked him about his relationships, wondering how old his limit is when it comes to the ladies. Apparently, Choppa doesn't have much of a care, responding that, when he was just 16-years-old, he was dating a 46-year-old woman.

He realizes that the 30-year age gap is pretty extreme, but he doesn't seem regretful of it.

"She was bad, though!" exclaimed NLE Choppa. "I could have been her son's son! I don't wanna show you no pictures but if I was to show you a picture, you'd think she was 22. No surgery, no nothing. Just natural Black beauty. Black don't crack."

If this were the other way around, people would be trying to find the woman's identity. Do you think this is too large of an age gap?

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NLE Choppa Dated A 46-Year-Old Woman When He Was 16 - HotNewHipHop

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