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10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 22, Campus Center Fireplace

Is there a difference between being spiritual and being religious? Is one preferable to the other? Is it possible that both are needed?

Religion tends to get a bad rap, having led to war and strife just as it has spurred progress and enlightenment. Many people have been led to wonder if religion isnt so much the solution as it is the problem. Disillusioned with organized religion, many are now choosing to identify as spiritual but not religious."

Yet wanting to nurture humanitys innate need to connect with a higher being/God/our creator, people are choosing to focus instead on personal practice and empowerment. But are weable to grow spiritually without others? Or does religion carry a special potency that actually promotes the betterment and progress of us all individually and collectively?

Join a different kind of conversation one that welcomes every perspective in a search for the truths that unite us all as we discuss the spiritual perspective offered by the Bahi Teachings on the true purpose of religion. Join the Baha'i Club for a lively discussion as we explore the role religion can play as a unifying force in helping us build communities working for the advancement of all.

Religion is, verily, the chief instrument for the establishment of order in the world, and of tranquility amongst its peoples. Bahi Teachings

Sponsored by the Baha'i Club. For more informationcontact any of the club officers: Rebecca Drummonds,Leena Durkin, Tristan Harris, or Lynne Lukas

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Meaningful Conversations: Spiritual But Not Religious? - UAFS News

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