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The May 2020 issue of Lions Roar magazine features wisdom and meditations from leading dharma teachers on freeing yourself from the patterns that hold you back. Inside, youll also find a remembrance of the late spiritual icon Ram Dass; Gesshin Claire Greenwood on how to practice homestyle oryoki; an interview with renowned Buddhist thinker and environmental activist Joanna Macy; Buddhist book reviews; and much more.Editorial / Welcome to the Issue

The Secret Is Mind by Melvin McLeod

Freeing ourselves from our painful habitual patterns is the heart of Buddhist meditation. Inthis special section, 5 leading dharma teachers share their secrets to getting unstuck andbecoming free.

The renowned Buddhist thinker and environmental activist on the global awakening the planet needswhile we still have time. At heart, its a spiritual revolution.

Zen teacher John Tarrant on climate change, the Australian fires, and the magic of the primeval forest. These forests have suffered a great burning now, those places in my blood and my marrow, and I feel a tremendous sorrow in their loss.

Michael Stroud on what to do when meditation only makes things worse.

For 50 years he spread warmth and light in America. Sara Davidson remembers a spiritual icon of our time.

Feel the Love Inside You So many of us find it hard to love and care for ourselves. Heres a simple practice developedby psychotherapist and meditation teacher Ari Goldfield to give yourself the warmth and love you deserve.

The Old and the BeautifulIn Japan, wabi sabi is an aesthetic principle that sees beauty in imperfection and age. Can Kem McIntosh Lee see the wabi sabi of her own aging body?

Oryoki is the meditative way of eating practiced in Zen monasteries. Gesshin Claire Greenwood on how to bring the spirit of oryoki into our home kitchensand feel more deeply nourished.

In It for the TeaHilary Smith isnt keen about Zen, but she does need some company. Isolation and depression are the wolves at the door of her mountain cabin.

Buddhism Is Never Apart from Who I Am: Governor David Ige of Hawaii

Trying to Stay Afloat by Kamilah Majied

Does a Dog Have Buddhanature? by Koun Franz

What do you say when someone asks you why you practice Buddhism?

Roshi Joan Halifax

Buddha Takes the Mound: Enlightenment in 9 Inningsby Donald Lopez Jr.

We review Big Love by Adele Hulse, Just So by Alan Watts, Tara by Rachael Wooten, and more.

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Inside the May 2020 issue of Lion's Roar magazine - Lion's Roar

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