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It is this very frequency of vibration that attracts certain things and situations toward you and this is called the Law of Attraction which all of us are very well aware of. The law of attraction exists only because the presence or the power of vibration is strongly felt by everything that has a capacity to perceive things around them.

It is through our senses that we catch the frequency of things and people around us. This also explains why we feel happy and motivated in a place of worship while low and depressed in a graveyard. It is the frequency of vibrations which strongly influences our thoughts and mind and vice versa.

The Power of Attraction exists only because the Law of Vibration is playing around all the time. So technically, the Law of Vibration is important than the Law of Attraction, and rest of the things just follow.

You can very easilytest theLaw of Vibration.As mentioned earlier that the frequency of vibration is induced by feelings. Go ahead and think of something that makes you feel happy and positive. Now go to a party or a bar with this feeling.

When you are happy and positive you smile effortlessly and happy people always attract others around them, especially those who at that time are vibrating with a lower frequency. You will be surprised to see howpeople will surround you in a matter of moments. You can also try to be grumpy and you will stand in the same party/bar- alone in a corner.

Tune in

After knowing what we do now, we can make this law of vibration work for us and take advantage of it. Simply put- lets tune in! If you are not feeling positive or motivated it means that at that moment you are vibrating with a lower frequency, realise the fact and go ahead and tune in with a person or something that has a higher frequency of vibration than yours at that moment in time. You would in no time be filled with positive thoughts and a feel-good feeling.

You could go to a park or amidst nature and stand or sit near a tree. Nature is always vibrating with positivity and has high levels of vibrations. No wonder that the seekers always head towards the nature in its raw form for enlightenment and deeper understanding in spirituality.

Another way to change your frequency of vibration is music. Different kinds of music can get you into different kinds of vibrations. Music has tremendous power to do that. Time and again, it has proven its healing and therapeutic qualities.

Be in the Range

Every vibration has a radius of its existence. Some people who have extremely low vibrations do not radiate at all. Beware of such people as the sullenness might get the better of you. On the other hand, some people radiate very strongly and influence whoever is directly or even indirectly connected with them.

Many leaders, spiritual gurus we know in history have been a source of influence not only in their immediate vicinity but globally. The reason behind their huge followings is that they vibrate with higher vibrations and are full of positive thoughts for everyone. In their proximity, one is bound to feel elevated.

So, if you wonder why your life doesnt change and there always seems to be stagnancy, make the law of vibration work for you and try to change your frequency to higher levels and unveil a new beginning.

The universe doesnt hear what you are saying; it only feels the vibration you are offering

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From your frequency to another -- how do the laws of attraction work? - Free Press Journal

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