Chingy wants to uplift with self-reflective new album, ‘Crown Jewel’ –

Rewind Time is a tribute to his transitioned homeboys.

Much of the material may sound new to some fans, but Chingy points out that he has studied anatomy, astrology and metaphysics. He considers himself a mystical thinker who looks at how the universe and human beings go together.

Though his music hasnt always reflected it, Chingy (Howard Bailey Jr.) says he has always been this way. Now 40, he says it all intensified when he turned 29 and began doing research.

A lot of people didnt know, throughout my career, I was going to school on the road, he says. Im still going to school online.

Around that time, a bad business situation arose in which a so-called friend in the industry ended up stealing royalties. He says hes still dealing with the situation today and chalks it up to a lack of knowledge back then.

I vowed to never let that happen again, he says. Now I take the initiative to make my own decisions.

Hes more comfortable now than ever with releasing this music; once he hits the studio, its all that comes out.

Thats whats speaking to me, he says. Were in a time where people are going through things and need to hear things that are in a positive space.

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Chingy wants to uplift with self-reflective new album, 'Crown Jewel' -

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