Silicon Valley, the start-up incarnation 2/5. Peter Thiel, the person who needed to finish loss of life and democracy – Pledge Times

The man who will live 1,000 years is surely not born. But if he is, it will probably be Peter Thiel. In any case, he made all arrangements for. It funds the Sens Foundation, which wants to cultivate brand new organs born from stem cells, to be transplanted into the bodies of the rich. He is close to Ambrosia, a biotechnology start-up which, for 8,000 dollars, transfuses you with a liter of young peoples blood from 16 to 25 years old.

Then he placed funds in Calico, a start-up founded by the creators of Google, which intends to stop aging through genetic manipulation. He is also interested in the possibility of transferring his consciousness into a virtual avatar. And if nothing is ready at the twilight of its life, all arrangements are made to cryogenize it. In the meantime, Peter Thiel follows a strict paleo diet, consisting exclusively of lean meats, nuts and berries, and gorges himself on growth hormones.

It is because he is already 52 years old, this pioneer of Silicon Valley. He is not an engineer or a computer scientist, but a business angel. Yet he is considered by many to be the political soul of the San Francisco Bay Area. He was in his thirties when he financed the launch of PayPal, with a certain Elon Musk. They are the fathers of what was later called the PayPal Mafia. The future creators of YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, Tesla, Space X have gone there When Ebay bought the company, Peter Thiel reinvested his earnings in their projects. His biggest blow remains to have loaned 500,000 dollars to Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, who was about to launch Facebook. His stake was multiplied by 3,000. His fortune was made.

His first political publication dates from his law studies in the 1980s at Stanford. The universities were debating positive discrimination at the time. Thiel publishes a charge explaining that only excellence matters and that opening the university up to ethnic minorities and women and their obvious biological differences in his view will bring the standards down irreparably. Ideas that led him to become Donald Trumps digital adviser in the 2016 election, in which he declared: I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are still compatible. Because what dominates today in his political thought is above all an elitism coupled with a radical libertarianism.

For him, any public institution is a constraint that must be removed. Above all, he wants to abolish all these laws which limit experiments on living things and their quest for immortality. We are in a race to the death between politics and technology, he explained in his book The Education of a Libertarian. The fate of our world depends on a single individual, a person, who will be able to build and disseminate technological tools promoting freedom and allowing a more secure world for the development of capitalism.

Peter Thiel also invests his fortune in this program. He founded the Seasteading Institute, at the head of which he placed Patri Friedman, Miltons grandson. The goal is to create floating cities on the international waters of the oceans, free from any state and any regulation, where creativity, science and certainly eugenics will have free rein. Forget about start-up companies, assures Thiel, the next frontier is start-up countries. Despite everything, some fears inhabit the billionaire. What if, because of artificial intelligence, there were no more jobs and the poor revolted? What if the worst scenarios of global warming materialize? So Peter Thiel bought a large farm in the heights of New Zealand, which he transformed into a self-sufficient fortress. The PayPal Mafia has reserved rooms there. All thats missing are stocks of liquid nitrogen to cryogenize this new aristocracy, just in case.

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Silicon Valley, the start-up incarnation 2/5. Peter Thiel, the person who needed to finish loss of life and democracy - Pledge Times

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