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IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS BITCOINWho is Satoshi Nakamoto, Where is the One Million Bitcoin and more important Psychic Insights

by Michelle WhitedoveAuthor | Futurist | Humanitarianwritten April 5, 2018

Despite the change from decentralized to centralized, people want to know who created Bitcoin and Why. But theres another equally compelling question, What happened to the founders one million Bitcoin?

Who: Psychically I see Satoshi Nakamoto and want to release this info to the world and put to rest the rumors about who Satoshi is. The name, Satoshi Nakamoto was created to conceal the creators identity. And for good reason. To say this new technology wouldve brought undesirable attention to the founders is the understatement, they would have been jailed. Yes, I said, FOUNDERS with an S. Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of mixed nationality Asians they are cool cats, mostly young brainiac coders. I see a core group of seven with a few subcontractors. Of course this leads to other questions like: Are they still involved in Bitcoin? Will any of the founders help in Bitcoins further development? Ill answer those questions in a moment, but for now, onto the Why.

Why: The Satoshi Group saw what governments, the Federal Reserve and the R0THSCHILD Central Banks around the world were doing and knew we needed an incorruptible means of financial exchange. The intent behind Bitcoin was pure, it was made for the people, by the people, to revolutionize currency, to exchange money securely and fairly and to create wealth. I know for a fact that there were no Intelligence Agencies or Governments involved, this was completely under the radar created by a pioneering group of inventors.

Both the Satoshi Crew and the Anonymous group are not happy with the direction Bitcoin has recently taken as it was intended to be a peer-to-peer system for everyone to use. It was not intended to be locked up, manipulated and controlled by the Federal Reserve / R0thschilds World Banks / Bilderberg group. The Satoshi Group is furious that Bitcoin has been corrupted. They felt that the Blockchain they invented was secure and untouchable but to them it became more like the titanic they believed it to be airtight but in-fact Bitcoin was breached. This caused a division within the group, although I see that the founders are still involved in Bitcoin but they will not help with its further development because its been compromised and corrupted they have moved on to create other crypto currencies as a group and also independently .

With that said, the Satoshi Group can now see how and why this happened. They feel it was an unintended consequence, but it led to something greater than they had originally envisioned: the beginning of competing and complementing alternatives like Litecoin. Thats right, the founders see the competition as overall good and they know that Bitcoin sparked massive innovation and even humanitarian goals with some crypto coins.

What Will Happen to The Founders ONE MILLION BITCOIN since Bitcoin is now being manipulated and is no longer decentralized which means its Centralized and being controlled and manipulated just like the corrupt banking systems that Bitcoin was created to be the opposition of. Lets face it, people want to know whats going to happen to all of those Bitcoin that the founders mined. Thats because there are staggeringly different implications IF THEY ARE GONE FOREVER or IF THEY ARE COMING BACK ONTO THE MARKET. Yes, one million Bitcoin could significantly impact the market.

I predict that the Satoshi Crew have their mined coins and they deserve to benefit from the revolutionary invention of blockchain and cryptocurrency. And mark my words, I predict that BitcoinCash will one day overtake its predecessor.

>And since so many people are asking me when I see the overall market returning to it's last highs, I can tell you hold on because as we come into September of 2018 there will be an upswing!!!

For now, I just wanted to get this information out. If I feel that theres significant interest in cryptocurrency information from me a total outsider, then Ill seriously consider diverting some of my time, energy and focus from others areas. If not, Ill continue to do occasional updates like I recently posted here on my website: http://www.michellewhitedove.com

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Sending you love and light,Michelle WhitedoveCelebrity Psychic | Spiritual Medium | Author | Futurist Written 04-05-2018

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PS .and remember who said it first!!! #SatoshiNakamoto

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2018 Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Psychic Insights Michelle ...

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