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Charlie was diagnosed with psoriasis at four months old (Picture: Caters)

A baby girl has such severe psoriasis that strangers often make rude remarks or ask if she has a contagious disease.

Mum Ashley Nagy, 29, is showing strangers not to fear her daughter Charlie by kissing and cuddling her in public.

To combat stares and cruel comments from strangers, Ashley, from Queen Creek in Arizona, USA, shows affection to 19-months-old daughter in public.

Charlie was diagnosed with psoriasis at four-months-old after small red dots that appeared all over her skin and later developed into large welts that would peel and flake-off.

The disease, which affects more than 125 million people worldwide, appears in flares and is often brought on by stress, illness and food intolerances.

Parents Ashley and Andrew, 32, have been accused by strangers of letting their daughter get severely sunburnt and others drag their children away fearing she is contagious.

Ashley, who works in property, said: Strangers can be very cruel about it, when weve taken her to the playground the parents of other children have dragged their kids away thinking shes contagious.

The couple call Charlie their Unicorn Baby to reinforce how unique and special she is.

Most people move away, afraid they are going to catch whatever she has or move their kids away so she cant get to close or play with them.

My response is normally to pick Charlie up and kiss her so that people can see she is not contagious and being near her isnt going to hurt anyone.

Others have said they cant believe we have her out in public, but these are just very ignorant people so we ignore them.

If Im pushing her around in a stroller and see people staring at her, looking at her in pity or trying to move their children away Ill lightly touch her face and kiss her on the cheek.

I want people to see that even though she has psoriasis they dont need to be afraid to touch and love her, I hope they see shes not contagious and are more compassionate.

I dont put her in turtlenecks or hide her, I have her in shorts and am not ashamed of who she is and walk with pride, I know shes beautiful.

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Charlie was two-months old when she had her first psoriasis flare-up and doctors believe she is one of the youngest patients to have such a severe case.

Her parents combat the itchy and painful flare-ups that cover her head to toe with a specialist two-hour bathing routine with essential oils.

Then we lotion her right away so her skin doesnt crack with organic butter bees wax, that has essential oils and other ingredients.

From there, we put her in an oversized cotton t-shirt so that the ingredients can soak into her skin and prevent flare-ups from friction that can be caused when her clothing is too tight.

Ashley is fundraising to help cover her Charlies medical bills, check-ups and treatment, as well as donating to the Phoenix Childrens Hospital who treated her during a bad flare-up.

The family have struggled to find insurance that would cover Charlie as young cases are so rare.

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Mum has perfect way to deal with people who stare at daughter’s psoriasis – Metro

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