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The Section on Molecular Medicinefocuses on performing cutting-edge research in cellular and molecularmechanisms of human disease and supports graduate and postgraduate leveleducational programs within the Department of Internal Medicine. The Sectionserves as the administrative home for the largest PhD graduate program(Molecular Medicine and Translational Science) in the Biomedical Sciences atWake Forest University and an NIH-sponsored institutional predoctoral trainingprogram (T-32) in Integrative Lipid Sciences, Inflammation, and ChronicDiseases.

A major goal of the section is toserve as a nidus for translational research by providing an environment whereclinical and basic science faculty interact to make new discoveries and toeducate future scientists.

The section consists of ten (10) primary faculty members and one (1) Emeritus faculty member who use cellular and molecular approaches to gain abetter understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying several chronic humanconditions including: asthma, atherosclerosis, hepatosteatosis, obesity andinsulin resistance, autoimmunity, and age-related pathology (arthritis,Alzheimers disease).

A particular research focus isthe role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of acute and chronic humandiseases. Faculty research strengths are in areas of cell signaling, cellbiology, proteomics, regulation of gene expression, and the use of genetically-modifiedmouse models of human disease. The research in the section is supported bygrants from the NIH, from the Department of Defense, from foundations including the Avon Foundation and theAmerican Heart Association, and from partnerships with industry.

The section also provides acenter for laboratory research training and education in translational researchfor medical students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows includingsubspecialty fellows in the Department of Internal Medicine. A seminar seriesis held weekly in conjunction with the graduate program in Molecular Medicineand Translation Science.

John S. Parks, PhDProfessor of Internal Medicine, Biochemistry, and Translational ScienceChief, Section on Molecular Medicine

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Molecular Medicine Research – Wake Forest School of Medicine

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