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Despite proclaiming "I'm the one, yeah, I'm the one" in his latest banger with DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber has shockingly revealed that he hasn't always been the perfect boyfriend in a new social media post. In an self-proclaimed, "very grammatically incorrect" outpouring of emotion, he addressed his actions to his fans for the first time since cancelling the remaining dates of his Purpose tour. Uploading his essay to Instagram, he said:

"Im so grateful for this journey will of you. Im grateful for the tours but most of all I am grateful i get to go through this life WITH YOU.! Learning and growing hasnt always been easy but knowing I im not alone has kept me going. I have let my insecurities get the best of me at times."

And although it's unclear whether he was directly shedding light on his turbulent split from #SelenaGomez who quite frankly, probably has zero fucks to give and is pretty content trotting about with new boyfriend The Weeknd he went on to say that despite not always behaving well in relationships, all he can do is move on:

"I let my broken relationships dictate the way I acted toward people and the way I treated them! i let bitterness, jealously and fear run my life.!!!! [...] Reminding me my past decisions and past relationships don't dictate my future decisions and my future relationships. Im VERY aware I'm never gonna be perfect, and I'm gonna keep making mistakes."

Then, moving on to why he had cancelled the remaining 14 concert dates he's already played 150 in over 40 countries as part of his world tour he revealed that it was because he was desperately seeking some time off, saying:

"Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE. I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable. So that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be."

If you're interested, feast your eyes on what the What Do You Mean? star had to say in full below:

After years of essentially telling his fans to piss off and being involved in a string of altercations with the law such as punching a Spanish fan in the face, drunk drag racing around in his Lamborghini, getting banned from China and running a paparazzo over it's probably high time that #JustinBieber takes a pause to collect himself and find some inner peace. Let's just hope that while he's at it, he gets one of his managers to show him where the auto-correct function on his phone is.

Best of luck Biebz, we wish you a healthy recovery!

What do you think about Bieber's message "from the heart?"

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