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Snapchatters everywhere are capturing and sharing memories as they happen. Create your own wedding geofilter and invite your Snapchatting guests to post, save and share their Snap Stories as your special day unfolds. Creating a personalized overlay is as easy as uploading your own .png file.

Not a graphic designer?, wedding.wire and many other websites offer filter design templates that can be personalized in a snap.

A growing number of photographers and videographers are making personalized filters, too.

Weve seen an uptick in requests for personalized filters that almost function like a couples logo, says Spencer Evers, general manager of COMPLETE weddings + events in Omaha.

A standard Snapchat filter costs about $50, Evers says. A custom filter and implementation runs about $100.

For a tech-savvy couple, he says, it may make sense to jump online and get everything set up yourself.


1. CREATE YOUR DESIGNUsing a computer design program, create an overlay using your own photograph, monogram and hashtag. Save as a .png file.

2. UPLOAD YOUR DESIGNVisit and select Use your own design; click upload and select your .png file.

3. NAME IT & DATE ITName your geofilter. Select the date range for the filter to be active, keeping in mind the cost increases with each 24-hour period. Hint: If you opt to include the rehearsal dinner, schedule two different dates with the same filter to minimize costs during down times.

4. FENCE IT INFence or draw a box around the map area(s) where wedding festivities will take place. For example, if your wedding is at a hotel, youll want to include essentially the entire block. If your event is confined to a venue with a main entrance, you would only need to fence that area. Keep in mind thatthe larger the area (as defined in square feet), the greaterthe cost.

5. SUBMITLog in, submit your orderand pay. Youre all set!

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How to create your own wedding Snapchat filter - Omaha World-Herald

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