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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. It's time for the fort things you should know history rules and on the plot never got less than twelve hours a week. And I've got this thing first and as a city never going to hear a lady who's got a tattoo back. This is for you from Matty in the so we know that there is no shortage. All. Celebrities who have very attractive offspring. Through that you can do you think of the hottest ones this fall. All my god Eminem's daughter Hayley. All my dogs got them good looks just Google Haley matters get it up reenact. Oh yeah that's not the movie I really. Please don't intend to make eye contact to Toulouse and then getting ready. You know honored. They would irresponsible for somebody loaded this studio would. Is that I'll get it up for my neck as you pulled the Matty B Boehner. Gross I think I need to wash my years. Okay faux wow congratulations. Right okay now Google. Janet. Week Wayne Gretzky eased up polygraphs now Natalie Dustin Johnson and the body fat and zero clicked again that she's hot and now look just did you go to type in winged you don't even get to late yeah gene into Wayne Gretzky Donner I think that's exactly who Google wants to win. Are you god did acts also she's. I. Natalie Connally risky. She's like a 27 out of ten enterprise incredible there's no doubt about that but she idol I I don't go for the fitness model like and then the oh ugly face thing. Ugly thing. I don't know I don't know that's that's that's Hayley you know and that's where. But what you. You really look at or just kind of wondering why the grade is out eyes accounted dads get dead guys like Dustin does a lot. I'm just not a big fan that's all different strokes and eventually they send your body but I'll tell you what the rehab bring up is we have a near those crackers what and get out of my bed we have a new Corning. All alert fellas we have a new client hottest out on and on out yeah he would not tell me eared. Some here declaring new hot is still every dollar I have declared a new alert alert get to answer Graham now you're out yeah where. I'd show me a picture the daughter you know who it is first whose daughter's first. I'll say picks and could now turn against what's it. Daddy oh my god sent off longer and daughter. Well known dawn when. We have a new high just let me daughter telescope to insert him and follow I don't. Lundgren her full Amsterdam handle is Qaeda S Lungren she's 21 years. She's the daughter of and plastic superstar while longer and he hammers and venables and rocky four and you know rich red scorpion roll stars of lead but that. But I'll be masters of the universe a beautiful there's been he man. She's a will mean a model. And now an extra dead yet. Course if you mistreated her he would literally eat you for dinner literally like can you imagine if you ask her out to the dance that Brokaw ever home by eleven or. Who through Q is it literally eight kick boxing champion. I he's pro life you know also too much like Claudia Schiffer you know I think he has a PH is Italy's his masters he might have a Ph.D. yet Iraq I think he doesn't like. Astro physics and I was gonna say that while he's got his ass of visitors were by us story number two real quick as some disturbing and I'm still on polygraphs and I can Gretzky. No way this way. Well I think the Gretzky girl who don't and I'll look at Gretzky space given by some pics of her face stop looking at her bikini body look at her face her face is what error. Very average it's it's it's all right now I know we're not a celebrity daughter is so Chaz Bono. That's not. Actually time we're gonna bring that up in the later. I don't know 5 o'clock hour and a hotline at last we have a story about it. She is absolutely gorgeous a man woman having a baby in we're gonna get into that. I. Sheet dates had gone you know what it is you're just jealous of her face is like Kadish got wide face or eyes are dead she's just chemical plastic took plasticky initials plastic surgery to me is only like 26. Right she probably hasn't won enough not to leading contest for you this girl I no longer and isn't is natural. She's a beauty. She's just no. I asked the city to our at all. Fantastic and very very talented model. Well Liv Tyler okay good gala time. I don't know how does a high to ads trying to main star Alison Eastwood she heard like that stimulate my daughter you know Lawrence you don't get off her line Lawrence fish friend's daughter does porn. I heard that the saddest thing and turn. This woes on if you listened to the last name Fishburne. I was in a movie of him you know hide assets under water and on its annual than it he said to me what we're like you don't Butler in between takes any of the scene where you know Sean Penn loses Donnie scream and let's. It looks at me. These movies if people. It's sad and it's that's pretty fantastic outside. Dakota Johnson from the fifty shades of Kurt cobain's daughter. That does not have doll's face she's beautiful. Which isn't about. Yet I slippery drive goes daughter are you kidding me that's a Nazi old post. Last night's story number two and four things you should know in the 4 o'clock hour. John Sina. Was rational mind. Smackdown live. And who is he fighting here still is shouldn't. I don't know anything new resolution Snooki Nakamura morrow yes and at the end of the match Nakamura kind of who's giving him back soon plex is at least call back in the day. And senile landed awkwardly. And video is like cool it's it's it looks like he could have been really really hurt check this out. Okay. It's. I've seen it was OK but you know it's all scripted even though of course is very entertaining. But there's a moment there where you can tell the scripting was Ponce. You know because not Camara is like calling them on and he ain't get not he's like you could tell you thinks like right am I paralyzed right now you know having my yeah laying there. That's scary it is now is slipping and drive and jumping these guys do and this the pile drivers the tombstones. And the stone cold stunner is that one yet that you know the DDTs. How in the hell these guys are able to protect the next what I understand the first roll. Is to bawl your neck. And you know prepare like for the impact but it. That's my worst and the like and the soup out of the new world and how many are happy and I'm that lucky. A lot of worst fears someone jumping governor targeting simplex by press arrests I think you're OK am I do feared this hour buddhists. All of the whole. Our whole book oh. Odd dive mr. diamond Dallas page and here he might well lists of likes you that's so funny because we had diamond Dallas page I. But I can't. No but still is nosedive analyst Alan page doesn't diver yet he did Diane let's Dallas a Dallas page. He works in Chelsea Daiwa's Denver well he's doing to keep doing yoga and might be done with those it. Couple quick and make these two quick ones into one story. Nick I know you dig this type of thing as you dive as everyone knows you're in New York City for 1520 years. Sometimes in some of those streets near to close them down. Right to determine a pedestrian mall isn't always right well they do this some time to time in Boston Newbury Street. Be a protest pedestrian only walkway from Arlington amass. On August 13. And again this fall September 10. From 10 AM to 6 PM seeking experienced a car free Newbury Street transformed into your pedestrian. Destination on that's cool that's Saturday August 13 and in a Sunday September 10 and the beautiful part of that is is if LB and I noticed a lot of these Buchanan's for example we were just hasn't been struck by a note that Jason Day and I don't think so yeah I think technology could go I can catch you could. Make your way from Fenway in lockdown you can join a little branch action on Newbury may be go have a gentleman's. Little liquid lunch over agrees and then again enjoy a little. Impulse shopping your window shop and on the lives this also came from only in Boston and only in Boston on Twitter the wallet hub. Ranked the best public school systems. And your top ten public school systems ranked in a variety. Of our criteria. Yes to number one was. Any guesses about its public school systems not going to be. Deadly food you California's not the top ten how about Florida Florida's probably not in the top fifty. There's like fifty states. That like Connecticut and no it's got to be New York. New Jersey is number two really ten his main them. They don't have nine here than just a few of the top ten adding items and today that bad news nine's been eliminated we don't count now anymore we go seven right. And it and ten I'm focusing on the New England won Vermont exit number 50. Number three. Shout out to New Hampshire. Good for you out you know it is. All that lack of tax money but the number one best public school systems according to while. On a series of criteria. Massachusetts. Effect rapid and that's right. Best public schools in the country in Massachusetts a day we came back for a reason and then you went to RI. I believe the first public school was writing Aaron Massachusetts and they really bought them and interest in fact that no one cares about well I think it is yep and an americorps the first university which has nothing to do with that as well sometimes like to hear the sound of my own voice. Do they finally thank you. Another ranking this one much more important than public schools. Researchers at the department of psychology at university award in the United Kingdom. Have found the funniest word in the English language that team gathered a list of 4997. Common words from past research I know and after a session. Asked participants to rate 200 words randomly selected from the larger pool. One being humorless. Five being most humorous scale so wanting unfunny five absolutely funny right okay the number one funniest word. In the language any guesses let's let what is everyone's favorite funny word. Long and I English saying I would say who minds is who I think that as the sun rose we have some lovely guest in studio with us from. Fabulous floor almost restaurant and shalt save. Think yeah flora almost one of my favorite delicious hours. Again time for delicious what's your favorite funny word she magma that's. But. I neighbor throw out this notion works and she works in kitchens. Mean I've seen him I love of boy and a daughter Travis Red Hat. What on my kitchen well known. I'm of the word noodle. A degree or another because it's a button down burden. And also love to terror threat it's a great word uttered alive but to ticker it's it's adorable it's hilarious it's ridiculous yes to. It's due. What's word that brings you're divorce. Are adding. All. Out shut out education. Has. Understanding. Torture torment. These are some of the words on the participation. Yes so the funny and hitting the funniest word. In English language according to this big survey is booty. Booty. Be OO TY. All of really have to say I failed to realize or recognize. That any movie that Jamie fox may have made for the millions who worked as the underdog let's go to uploading calling. The unfunny it's like learning bootsy in that movie. I don't know I think again I think yeah I think you know the least funniest word rate. So that access went out just why no matter how does it why don't we all just agree and walk away. Jake in Dedham Jake hero Matty and neck. They're wants Arby's I've read about it. Dalembert is definitely. The First Act supported local store in America. Dedham Massachusetts. Index them Dedham Massachusetts area. Thank you Jay for the hand knowledge we've pretty well yeah the oldest frame built house in America still standing. Really oh yes it is very sick or. How about that hey Jake I. Jake thank you for being able called Jacob PDF thank you oh Jake what is what is your favorite funny word. My beard funny word yet. Probably squeegee. That's a frequent blood always work thank you.

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