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First of all, let me say what an honor it is to be given this appointment by the Seneschal and the Government of Talossa. I could not be more humbled or proud. Secondly, let me say what a great feeling it is to be back to active involvement in the daily affairs of the nation. I have had a long absence after the death of my mother in 2016 from cancer and subsequent political involvement in the United States fighting for the rights of disabled people and also for the sick and the families of those who care for them. I want to thank everyone for their support over these last two and a half years as I have talked to multiple Talossans sporadically mostly as I came around to vote in the previous few general elections. All of you guys have always been like a second family to me and I appreciate it so much. I'm glad to say that I'm finally at a place in my life where I feel comfortable returning to daily activity here and contributing to the nation in as positive a way as I can.

As the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, I wish to announce that it will be the policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explore foreign relations with both nations recognized by the United Nations as well as micronations which have similar interests and goals to those of the Kingdom. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be a force for good in the world by promoting peace, understanding, and cooperation among nations throughout the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not seek any type of recognition by any foreign government including the United States. We will instead seek expressions of friendship between ourselves and other micronations as well as nations recognized by the United Nations. In taking this measured approach, the Government of Talossa will not be in violation of any treaty or policy of any foreign government or any International Organization. We will instead promote ourselves to the world as a nation where everyone is welcome regardless of any defining characteristics other than the content of their character and the goodness of their hearts.

I believe that it is our role to be the greatest nation in the world not because of what we say, but because of what we do. Though we are small in geography, we will continue to be mighty in our compassion and empathy for those in need around the world today. We will speak out loudly against oppression, bigotry, hatred, violence, and injustice anywhere in the world. We will be a nation that continues to have the courage of our convictions and its ability to work effectively with our partners on the world stage. It is time for us to forge ahead with the building of these partnerships in the hopes that we may leave the world a better place than when found it. I asked for the support of the nation as we began to undertake this process of becoming more visible in the community of nations both macro and micro in scale.

I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

Merci,Flip MolinarActing Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Stattement by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs | Talossa

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