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I have worked with AM LLC for the past 6 years as part of the executive management team. This company is founded on and operates based on the values of Integrity, Excellence, Service, Professionalism, Appreciation & Acknowledgement, Generosity, Responsibility, Teamwork, Hard Work, Growth & Development, and Fun. Ideas, goals, questions, comments, and concerns of employees, suppliers, and clients are listened to, discussed, considered and acted upon with a win/win/win attitude. Applied Memetics is committed to providing Quality service to its customers and quality care to its employees. Applied Memetics works on a number of projects with its teaming partners and continues to grow and expand its contribution to its clients, thus providing new opportunities for perspective employees. The executive team maintains an open door policy and is readily available to address any matter brought up by its employees. Performance is rewarded and trust is earned. Honesty, complete and direct communication, forward risked-based thinking, organization, commitment, and perseverance are major contributing factors to this company's success. The virtual nature of the company is not like working in a traditional office setting where employees see each other everyday. It takes some getting used to. But, the virtual atmosphere provides a lot of flexibility and other benefits. Continue to focus on growth and development of employees' skills (technical and leadership) and partnership and work opportunities.

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Working at AM LLC: Employee Reviews |

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