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Leadership really cares

Employee(Current Employee) Arlington, VA January 17, 2018

Most people would say that a company is only as good as the people it hires. Well, that is true but it has to start with leadership. AM has what every company needs; excellent leadership who really care about their employees. It's almost as if leadership sends down a blessing by their care and in turn they receive praises such as this from their employees. It's less about the money and more about the needs of the people; the way every company should be run.


Leadership that really cares about their employees.


None that I can think of.

Last Company You'll Want To Work For

Program Manager(Current Employee) Raleigh, NC January 23, 2018

I transitioned from the Department of Homeland Security USCIS to work for Applied Memetics LLC. AM have not only proved to be a competition with the federal government, but has also shown to provide better lifestyle. The culture and work ethic of AM has not only gave me confidence as my last company to work for, but also the assurance of upward mobility and career progression.


Workload is forecast ahead and provide ample time to prepare and execute, Management is supportive and provides guidance and assistance when needed, Communication is beyond reproach as from the top down is an open door policy, Benefits are phenomenal and competitive, Moral is very high as each individual motivates one another daily, Cross training in other departments is feasible upon interest, Work/ Life Balance is essential as management encourage time off and family time


Honestly cannot provide any

Great and supportive environment to work

Managing Director(Current Employee) Washington, DC October 26, 2017

The culture is one of open collaboration where team members are encouraged to think and act innovatively and independently to achieve the objective. The management provide the necessary support and tools to get the job done and are open to suggestions on how to improve processes. Even though some of the team are remotely located, communication between teams works well and it has been easy to build rapport with them even without having met them! The company is supportive of training and personal development goals and opportunities.


great benefits and atmosphere to work in


None that I can think of

Excellent Company with a great future

Application Developer(Current Employee) Remote October 22, 2017

Applied Memetics is an excellent company with a great future. Many companies do government IT consulting and contracting. Very few companies actually see its consultants as the core part of the company. Most of the team members at A.M. work remote, so the company goes the extra mile to get you involved with the team. When you join A.M. in a non-manager capacity, you will discover that your non-manager status doesn't matter. You'll show up in the newsletter, you'll get opportunities for free baseball game tickets, you'll be invited to join management meetings off the bat. The workplace culture fosters innovation and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Excellent experience so far!


Remote work and Many opportunities to make a difference.

Great Place to work

Junior Systems Engineer(Current Employee) Saint Louis, MO October 19, 2017

The job placement was perfect for my skill sets, the employees are very quick to respond to any questions. They knew exactly how to prepare me for the onboarding process for the company I was going to work for. The job description was on point and very detailed.


benefits, compensation, skill advancement

Great team work, and management.

IT Analyst Security management division(Current Employee) Manchester, NH May 3, 2017

During the one year I have been working with Applied Memetics I have really enjoyed the team work, and not being micromanaged while I work. I have been able to learn the job role and now helping new hires learn the job role also. Training the new team mates has also pushed me to learn more about the role myself so that I can pass this knowledge off to them.


Being able to work from home when needed makes family life a lot easier.


The healthcare for my family was a little high.

Great company! Love my job!

Systems Engineer, Junior(Current Employee) Lincoln, NE April 27, 2017

There aren't too many companies these days that truly care about their employees. Applied Memetics is a small company with a big heart. They are fiscally responsible so you know you have a job tomorrow and they are concerned about the welfare of their employees and that you truly love your job. Never had an issue contacting the home office and getting answers. They are responsive and truly care you are taken care of the best they can. One thing I appreciate is they have good integrity. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Very good place to work even if you are remote. They make you feel you are in the same office.


Excellent communication. They care about their employees


None. This is a good company.

Great company to work for as remote employee

Senior Software Engineer(Current Employee) Minneapolis, MN April 26, 2017

Committed group of co-workers, and managers. I've been employed as Software Engineer for more than a year now serving VA CRISP project. I love the challenge, and am honored to serve our veterans wherever possible. Living in Minneapolis, MN., I work both remotely, and onsite Minneapolis VAMC, which provides me a very flexible working environment. I've already been promoted to senior level engineer, and demonstrates room for professional growth and promotions. Employees are provided great benefits, and I highly recommend Applied Memetics to motivated, self-starting individuals.


I save time, gas, and money not having to commute each/every working day to onsite facility.

Room to grow in sophisticated telework environment

Producer(Current Employee) Austin, TX April 13, 2017

Well-developed virtual office/telework environment enables you to set your own own goals and figure out how to meet them, without micro-management or bureaucratic obstacles. Access to the most current technology and tools, as well as the training required to get to the next level. Interesting work assignments that deal with significant contemporary issues.


Work with other people who know how to telework effectively and manage time well


If you prefer social setting of a traditional office desk or cubicle, telework/virtual office environment of AM may not be for you.

Great Company with Unlimited Upside

Security Analyst(Current Employee) Washington City, DC April 24, 2017

I've been with Applied Memetics going on 2 years and I have been enjoying my excursion so far. My colleagues here are talented and professional and the staff here are extremely knowledgeable and supportive of our future endeavors to enhance our careers!


Full benefits, outings, career focused and trustworthy

Dynamic start-up with great opportunities for advancement

Manager(Current Employee) Arlington, VA July 15, 2015

AM boasts a small business culture, flat management, and a focus on employee engagement and advancement. Team members are expected to contribute and expand their horizons, and most of all deliver superior services and capabilities to a diverse customer base across the government and commercial space.


Family-friendly, flexible hours. Great benefits.


Junior system engineer(Current Employee) Fresno, CA April 28, 2017

Love this va contact. Serving again. ..what I do matters. Quiets to never have gave to face meetings. Boss on the ready coast while I'm on the west coast.


No micro management. I matter. Flexible hours and work location.


No family package health care.

Great Place To Work

System Administrator, Expert Level I(Current Employee) Louisville, KY October 31, 2016

Great small company to work for, that provides as great work and life balance. Management has an open door policy. Room for growth in both career and life.


Cares about employees


With this being a small company, benefits are a little slim compared to larger companies.

Security Engineer III

Security Engineer III(Current Employee) Hines, IL October 28, 2016

This is a great company to work for! They show concern for their employee's needs and development. Easy to talk to and to work with. Always available when I need help or support.


Good benefits and compensation.


Newer company that is still growing and forming solid patterns.

Nice company with a small company feel

Application Developer(Current Employee) Austin, TX October 31, 2016

I've only worked at this company for a few months, but i've been so impressed with the professionalism of my coworkers. It has a flat-management style which is great for collaboration. They use the latest in open source, which is another big plus.

Unique Company With A Strategic Vision

Digital Analyst(Current Employee) Washington, D.C. July 15, 2015

There is a lot of camaraderie between employees, even across different client accounts. The entire team stays busy - no one has only one job. The work-life balance, however, is great, and the advantage is that everyone has multiple opportunities to engage in diverse, interesting projects to which they may not have been exposed at a more traditional "sit-in-front-of-a-computer-and-only-do-one-thing" job.

Self-starters will quickly advance; hard work and measurable results are rewarded.


Supportive management, good benefits, exposure to interesting projects


Difficult to "move up" in the traditional sense, as titles are not as important as project results

Great company!

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