Gene Therapy Research Institutes and Universities

Collaboration between Baylor College of Medicine, The Methodist Hospital and Texas Children's Hospital. Clinical research in the areas of stem cell transplantation, cellular therapy, and gene therapy.

The Center fosters a multidisciplinary approach to new research as well as collaborative research endeavors in the area of gene therapy. The Vector Core manufactures several recombinant viral vectors.

The research is focused on various aspects of gene therapy, such as understanding basic virology, efficient gene delivery into the nucleus of cells, and incorporation of these genes into the genome.

Research in the laboratory has centered on the molecular biology of adeno-associated virus (AAV) in order to exploit the unique features of this virus to develop an efficient viral vector system for use in human gene therapy.

The Harvard Gene Therapy Initiative is headed by Dr. Richard Mulligan with the objective of promoting the use of gene therapy and to conduct research developing new gene delivery vector technologies.

Diseases of the lung, cardiovascular system, muscles, brain, and skin are focus areas of research as well as the development of gene therapy vectors and the identification of disease-causing genes.

A multidisciplinary team of scientists and physicians work together to realize the full potential of virus, gene and cell therapies from basic science discovery to clinical translation.

Oncolytic virotherapy, gene therapy for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, virus-based gene therapy vectors.

The program has brought together regulatory, quality, product development, manufacturing and facilities engineering expertise to enable the translation of novel, experimental research into medicine for use in human clinical trials.

Penn Vector offers a variety of services associated with the development and production of both non-viral vectors and viral vectors including those derived from adeno-associated virus (AAV), adenovirus, and lentivirus.

The primary mission is to merge molecular genetics research and health care delivery by developing new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of human diseases that involve gene transfer.

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Gene Therapy Research Institutes and Universities

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