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Where are the NRA, the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives?

For 50 years the NRA warned Americans of federal troops marching in U.S. cities, arbitrarily seizing citizens.

Twelve years ago the Tea Party was formed, claiming they would defend Americans 10th Amendment (states rights) in response to the tyranny of federal government overreach. All argued the public needed Second Amendment remedies in case it was necessary to bring down an out-of-control federal government.

In response, terrified Americans bought millions of weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition.

Where are these patriots now with their pocket Constitutions?

Badge-less federal agents are violating First Amendment (freedom of speech) rights by assaulting peaceful protesters, gassing moms and assaulting veterans. Federal officers are violating Fourth Amendment (unreasonable search and seizure), randomly forcing demonstrators into unmarked vans without due process.

President Trump is now threatening more cities with his secret police not because of lawlessness, but because the cities are run by his political opponents.

Answer this: What if Barack Obama sent federal troops to Raleigh and Greensboro because we had a GOP governor and mayor?

Thats what I thought! It was never patriotism, just politics.

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NRA and Tea Party: Where are you now? - Greensboro News & Record

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