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Wow! Bombshell! Let me get this right. Trump pays $750 in taxes? The same amount a person making $20,000 a year pays?

I guess its OK to write off $70,000 in haircuts and $109,000 in silverware and linens, but he took away traveling expenses for those of us in the trades such as work clothes, lodging and anything used for work purposes when we need to travel to work to support our families.

Yes, that must be OK because, after all, his needs are more important than ours, right? How can he possibly be expected to be the outstanding citizen he is without getting $70,000 in haircuts and being able to write it off?

I know, I know, he says hes being smart by not paying taxes. Thats OK for him but for the rest of us it probably means prison time. Thats OK though, right Trump supporters? Double standards are acceptable for him but not us because, hey, its always the fake news and witch-hunts that are really the issue, right? Its never his fault and accountability is beneath him right? Hes never ever wrong, and they will support him no matter what he does because its always always fake news and witch hunts. Those evil Democrats are out to get him.

Its actually genius on his part. The perfect scapegoat, the media. Brilliant. Im sure there will be plenty of rebuttals defending him, there always are.

Don Morgan


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The Trump tax bombshell | The Herald-News - The Herald-News

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