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CultureTVPlus: a third season of Young Sheldon begins, and Catherine the Great is pining for her lover

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 15:51 pm


The Met: Policing London

Deadly stabbings and shootings almost seem to be a daily occurrence in Englands capital, with a dramatic rise in the murders of under-25s in 2018 the year during which this excellent blue-light series was filmed. The programme begins with the distressing phone call made by 22-year-old youth worker Kobi Nelson after he was fatally stabbed. DNA from the crime scene matches that of a known 20-year-old and indicated that Nelsons killing might be related to drugs gangs. Five weeks later, Kelvin Odunuyi is shot dead at a cinema in Wood Green, leaving DCI Luke Marks and his team to determine whether it was connected to the earlier murder.

Young Sheldon

Inside Prison: Britain Behind Bars

This eye-opening docuseries lifting the lid on life behind bars focuses on HMP Isle of Wight, a specialist prison housing many sex offenders and paedophiles. Intelligence has been gathered that a USB stick containing child pornography is doing the rounds, so the officers launch a search. But finding such a small item in a vast prison is no easy task. The staff are also seen trying to combat the increasingly creative ways to smuggle drugs into the jail, from letters sprayed with a spice solution to hollowed-out chess pieces.

Celebrity First Dates Hotel For SU2C

Eugenics: Sciences Greatest Scandal

Eugenics did not die with the Nazis, argue science journalist Angela Saini and disability campaigner Adam Pearson in the second part of their penetrating look at the idea that, for the betterment of the human race, some people shouldnt be allowed to reproduce. Programmes of selective breeding to weed out disability and the mass sterilisation of the poor in so-called third world countries have continued, while emerging science such as gene editing could be leading to a new era of eugenics.

Catherine The Great

Helen Mirrens Russian empress is pining for her lover, Major General Potemkin (the man after whom the mutinous battleship was named), but he is away fighting the Turks a suddenly topical plot development given a certain US politicians late-night tweets. War, war, war! All I want to do is talk about sex, complains Catherine, as Paul Kaye joins the cast as a murderous peasant with radical views.

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What's on TV tonight: The Met investigates London's drugs gangs, and celebrities head to the First Dates Hotel - iNews

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