Justice League: Cyborg’s Movie Powers Explained

Now thatJustice League is in theaters, Cyborg has finally entered the DCEU but what exactly can this version of Victor Stone do? Last yearsBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice offered fans a tease of Vic, but its been the lead-up toJustice League thats shown the full extent of the young hero and his abilities. While the proposedCyborg solo film will fully explore the character,Justice League does a good job getting fans up to speed on the cinematic take on the hero.

When we first meet the reborn Stone, the majority of his body has been replaced by cybernetic parts. As he explains to his father Silas, the failed experiment that led to Vics near-death is connected to the Change Engine otherwise known as one of the three Mother Boxes in the film. Augmenting his body with its tech, Cyborg is in a constant state of flux and learns new abilities each day. WhileJustice League never provides a full rundown, we know a number of Cyborgs powers thanks to what he does in the film and what he can do in the comics.

Care of Cyborgs upgrades, hes both super strong and incredibly durable. We even see him stitch his body back together after Steppenwolf literally rips him in half. Cyborg can also interface with any form of technology, from Batmans Knightcrawler to Supermans Kryptonian ship. We can also see him hack into the Batcave on autopilot, tap into military computers with a thought, and track systems all over the world. He can even project holograms to add a little flair to his abilities.

Along with his technopathy, Cyborg hasa slew of offensive and defensive capabilities. His body is constantly changing, and even adapts to threats as they appear. We see him at various points deploy an energy cannon, a rocket launcher, a freeze ray, and even a shield that can withstand Supermans heat vision.

Though Cyborg has been around since the 80s, often fighting alongside the Teen Titans, its his revised origin in the New 52 that the film takes inspiration from. There, his father Silas was experimenting on a Mother Box when his football-star son shows up. Their relationship is contentious, with Silas wanting Victor to use his vast intelligence to become a scientist as well. When an accident causes an explosion, Vic is torn to shreds and only saved once hes bonded with the Mother Box. Most of his movie abilities remain, but he also gains the power to summon Boom Tubes, the portals Steppenwolf uses to get around in the movie.

Like in the film, the New 52 version of Cyborg is similarly changing over time shifting his powers and appearanceas he further bonds with his technology.Justice League, however, pulls a little from the Jamie Reyes version of Blue Beetle. He too has an alien set of armor, but it adapts to situations into near-infinite combinations. It also has a mind of its own, something we see Cyborg struggle with when Superman appears. Still, these concepts fit nicely with Cyborgs alien connection and provide even more tragedy for the character inJustice League.

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Justice League: Cyborg's Movie Powers Explained

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