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Everyones collective jaw dropped when Crisis on Infinite Earths gave us a cameo for Ezra Millers Flash, and though it was only a short appearance, everyone was geeking out over the meeting of the two Barry Allens onscreen. Whats fun is, The CWs Flash Grant Gustin shares some BTS shots of him and Miller shooting the cameo.

Check it out:

What I love about the cameo is that it kind of makes meta-commentary on the different looks of both Flashes. Miller comments on Gustins Flash for having a more comfortable looking costume and Gustin returns the compliment by saying that Millers outfit looks a lot cooler.

I also think its great that Miller should give a callback to Justice Leagues Cyborg. Cyborg was basically sidelined in the theatrical cut of Justice League, and though he had a solo movie coming up, WB pulled the project after the poor reception of JL. Its just a small mention, but its nice that Miller would remind us that Victor Stone exists in his world. Fans are still crossing their fingers that Cyborg makes an appearance in the upcoming Flash movie.

For a movie about the Fastest Man Alive, The Flash has been taking a while to get to theaters. Now with director Andy Muschietti onboard, it finally looks like the movie will stick to its 2022 release date.

The CWs Flash is still an ongoing show; Miller returns as Barry Allen when The Flash hits theaters July 1, 2022.

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Grant Gustin Shares BTS Shots of Him and Ezra Miller as Flash - Epicstream

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