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I never knew that was the way they made it appear, Knapp said. That was not it on any level. I was there. I had never seen anything like that. Somebody yelling at the crowd while they were fighting.

When Knapps favorite Diaz moment of her career was spun into him attacking Cris Cyborg, she wasnt the only one upset by the spin being put on the story. As classless as the broadcast wanted to make Nick Diaz look, it wasnt a Nick Diaz move.

It kind of upset [Diaz] because the broadcast was portraying it that hes talking [smack] to Cris Cyborg, Knapp said. If that would have been some female out there it wouldnt have been like that. Could he have leaned over and said, can you keep your bitch quiet? or something, could that have happened? Sure.

Knapp explained that while it was happening, she was watching her favorite Diaz moment of all time unfold. Winning a fight while also verbally lighting somebody up in the crowd. It came as nothing but disappointment to find out that the moment was spoiled and twisted. Instead of standing up for himself, it transformed to him kicking Cris Cyborg while she was down.

While its always fun to make the bad guy look worse, a look inside one of Strikeforces most memorable moments without using forum posters as sources only further proves one thing, Nick Diaz doesnt back down from any man. To the men who got away with throwing drinks and running their mouths to the leader of the Nick Diaz Army, stay away from the 209!

Diaz would successfully defend his Strikeforce title yet again against Paul Daley before returning to the Octagon.

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Behind The Night: Diaz vs Cyborg - The Official Website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

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