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Back in June, two bodies were found in suitcases by teenagers on a Seattle beach and now the victims aunt wants the viral TikTok video removed.

Gina Jaschke has done an exclusive interview with the BBC in which she speaks about her niece, and argues that the video must be removed from the app. However, TikTok disagrees, claiming that it does not violate their guidelines.

Seattle Police have opened a murder investigation on the case and are appealing for information.

Back in June, three teenagers were making TikTok videos on a beach in Seattle when they made a shocking discovery.

Whilst socialising on the beach, they saw that there were a pair of suitcases that had washed up onto the shore. Upon opening the cases, they found two dead bodies.

The teens uploaded the video to TikTok, which quickly went viral, and the news rapidly spread around the world. The video has now has now had a huge 5.5 million likes.

It does not contain any graphic scenes, but does show the teens opening the suitcase. Watch the TikTok video at your own discretion here.

The bodies were later revealed to belong to Jessica (Jessie) Lewis, 35, and her partner Austin (Cash) Wenner, 27.

Jessica was a mother to four children, and their families are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can provide information, reports The Metro.

Both were revealed to have gunshot wounds, and Seattle Police opened an ongoing murder investigation on June 19th. They are currently appealing for information.

A new BBC interview with Jessicas aunt reveals that she desperately wants the TikTok video to be removed.

Gina Jaschke said: That video went viral and theres nothing we can do to change that.

She then goes on to say that she wants to thank the kids who found the bodies, because wihtout them they may have never found out what happend to Jessica and Austin.

However, she then addresses the fact that she thinks the video should be removed:

I wouldve thought by then that they would know better to put it down. That these bodies that were found in these bags, in these suitcases, that smelt awful, that they have faces now that they could see. And they were people. And I thought that they would have known too that they were people. And they would have taken it down of of respect for that.

However, the video still remains on TikTok, and the social media site argued it does not violate their guidelines as it did not include any visuals of the remains.

Watch the full BBC interview here.

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Jessie and Austins aunt vs TikTok the debate around censorship of Bodies in the Suitcase video - HITC

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