Get Your Pre Bankruptcy Certificate – Your Bankruptcy …

1> (Credit Counseling Course)

, (Credit Counseling Course)

2> (Debtor Education Course)

, (Debtor Education Course)


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Work with one of the most established companies in the financial counseling sector. We have been helping people with financial education for over 50 years. We have taken the guesswork out of filing for bankruptcy in two simple steps.

Step 1> Take Pre-Filing Education Course. Before filing for bankruptcy, the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court requires that you take a Pre-Filing Education course from an approved credit counseling agency.

Step 2> Take Debtor Education Course. Once you've completed the Pre-Filing Education Course and filed your case, you must take the Debtor Education Course you are required to have to obtain your discharge of debts.

We provide both education courses in Thai for you to complete to receive your certificate to file with the courts. Please call our Thai counselor, Pimolrat, at 800.625.7725 Ext. 3342 for instructions on how to sign up and complete the courses

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Get Your Pre Bankruptcy Certificate - Your Bankruptcy ...

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