UHH astronomy professor dies in rollover Jeep crash


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Richard Crowe, co-founder of the University of Hawaii at Hilos astronomy program and astronomer-in-residence at Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii, was killed Sunday in a bizarre Jeep accident near Chinle, Ariz. He was 60.

Crowe and his wife, Debra, were on the mainland for the recent wedding of their older daughter, Ginger Albrecht, in Albuquerque, N.M., their younger daughter, Jasmine Miranda Anderson, said Monday.

We were all together at my sisters wedding in Albuquerque, and he and my mother went to Sedona (Ariz.) on a road trip. They were there for about a week, Anderson said.

While in Sedona, Richard and Debra Crowe took a commercial Jeep tour to Canyon de Chelly. On the return trip, the Jeep went off the edge of a narrow road and rolled end over end down a hillside. Richard Crowe jumped from the Jeep and was struck by the vehicle.

Debra Crowe was treated for minor injuries and released at a nearby hospital.

She didnt really understand how badly he was injured, Anderson said. It took three hours for the helicopter to come and take them (to the hospital), I think.

Crowes condition worsened and others on the tour initiated CPR while waiting for the medevac chopper to arrive. Medics attempted defibrillation, but he died at the scene. Anderson said the family is in shock.

Its really hard, she said. Its just totally unexpected and out of the blue. Were all just pretty shaken up about it and really devastated.

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UHH astronomy professor dies in rollover Jeep crash

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