Moline Public Library to host Astronomy Day

Join the Popular Astronomy Club for a National Astronomy Day celebration at the Moline Public Library, 3210 41st St., from 2-9:30 p.m. Saturday. The educational family event will feature displays, astronomy-themed crafts, demonstrations of comet nucleus forming, a weight station to discover your weight on different planets, gravity explanations, door prizes and refreshments.

See the sun safely with specially filtered telescopes until dusk, then tour the night sky until 9:30 p.m., weather permitting. Venus, Mars and Saturn should be visible, along with star clusters. Sky viewing will take place in the back parking lot of the Moline Public Library.

Dr. Robert Mutel from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Iowa will present a program for adults at 3 p.m. on Alien Worlds: The Search for Life on Extra-Solar Planets. The program will explore recent developments in the ongoing search for life outside of our solar system.

The free event is sponsored by the Popular Astronomy Club and University of Iowa Speakers Bureau. For more information, call the library at 309-524-2480 or visit


(1) Moline Public Library to host Astronomy Day

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