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If the 2017 total solar eclipse reignites your love for space and astronomy, you need to check out the Northwest Florida Astronomy Association.

Tom Haugh, the outreach coordinator, said it is the communitys resource for astronomy accuracy. Whether its a rumor about Mars being bigger than the moon or a question about what to do with an old telescope sitting in the closet, the club can help.

I get all the time, Hey, my kid’s interested in astronomy. His birthday is coming up. What telescope should I buy? Haugh said. Thats like asking, Hey, I need a car, which is the best one?

Community members can attend club meetings or events to learn about astronomy, ask questions and receive technical help. The group encourages visitors to bring their own telescopes, Haugh said.

The Northwest Florida Astronomy Association donated telescopes to five libraries to check out: Fort Walton Beach Public Library, Hurlburt Field Base Library, Crestview Public Library, Valparaiso Community Library and Niceville Public Library.

You can check out a telescope and take it home, Haugh said. It comes with star charts and instructions and everything you need to start your astronomy adventure.

The organization encourages families to join or attend events. It even offers ladders for shorter observers to use the telescopes.

The group hosts meetings at 7 p.m. the fourth Saturday of every month at the Northwest Florida State Colleges observatory, Building 750, 100 E. College Blvd., Niceville.

Saturn is one of the groups favorite objects to view, Haugh said.

You can tell when this is the first time somebody has seen Saturn, Haugh said. You dont have to ask them the question: ‘Did you see it? When somebody first sees Saturn, theres almost always a vocal response, I can see the rings, It looks just like (in) the books.

“To see a parent, child or a grandparent have just that one spark. Thats worth it.

For more information on the Northwest Florida Astronomy Association and its upcoming events, visit nwfastro.org.

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Everything you need to know about the Northwest Florida Astronomy … – The Northwest Florida Daily News

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