Two aerospace sites adding workers under jobs program

CSI, which employs 80 people at its 20,000-square-foot facilities, will add 75 jobs as part of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s Quality Jobs Program, state and company officials said.

Meanwhile, Fayetteville, Ark-based capSpire Inc., which aims to add 30 jobs over the next three years in Oklahoma, has joined the 21st Century Quality Jobs Program, the Commerce Department announced.

Ron Feeley, president of CSI Aerospace, said the company is experiencing “fairly significant” growth in demand from its domestic and international airline and military customers.

“We’re presently looking into some additional facilities or going to a second shift,” he said. “Our preference would be finding a suitable facility close by … and move some of our operations out of our core building to another facility.”

Founded in 1993, CSI has developed repair processes for instruments previously considered unrepairable, company executives said.

The company repairs, maintains and overhauls pitot probes, pitot-static probes and total air temperature sensors. Pitot tubes are metal tubes on aircraft fuselages that point into the air flow to measure air pressure and the air speed of the aircraft.

The Commerce Department said CSI is one of three companies accepted into the Quality Jobs Program in April.

In addition to CSI, J.A. Oil Field Manufacturing Inc. and Grocery Supply Acquisition Corp. are the new program entrants, state officials said.

J.A. Oil Field Manufacturing fabricates, rents, leases and repairs stabilizers, roller reamers, shock absorbers and jars. Company executives said they will add 70 jobs under the program.

Grocery Supply provides distribution of grocery products to military base commissaries in Oklahoma and nationwide. It plans to add 180 jobs under the state program, officials said.

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Two aerospace sites adding workers under jobs program

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