Makino to Highlight New Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions at 2012 Farnborough International …

Engineers to discuss latest research and process solutions

Mason, OH – Makino plans to share its latest machining and process solutions for aerospace manufacturing July 9-15 at the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough, England. Makino will host discussions at its chalet, C5, regarding new aerospace manufacturing technologies specifically designed for mid-sized titanium components, large aluminum structural parts, EDM-hole drilling, and 5-axis milling and grinding.

“The aerospace manufacturing industry continues to grow rapidly, and the International Farnborough Airshow is the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to learn about the latest high-performance manufacturing technologies,” says Mark Rentschler, Makino marketing manager. “Makino’s chalet visitors will have the opportunity to meet with our senior management, designers and application engineers to discuss their aerospace manufacturing challenges and how Makino can help them meet increasingly stringent requirements for quality and lead times.”

Makino will showcase the following new aerospace manufacturing solutions at the show: o T2 5-axis horizontal machining center with ADVANTiGE(TM) for large titanium aerospace parts, such as edge frames, pylons and bulkheads o G7 multifunctional horizontal machining center for grinding, drilling, boring and milling in one machine platform o A8, A12 and A20 5-axis horizontal machining centers for large aluminum structural part production o a61nx-5E 5-axis horizontal machining center for small, multidimensional aluminum and titanium components o D300 5-axis vertical machining center for small engine component manufacturing o And a new sinker EDM for hole drilling of cooling holes

The Makino ADVANTiGE Makino’s award-winning ADVANTiGE titanium machining technologies offer dramatic reductions in cost and lead-times for titanium aerospace manufacturing, enabling four times the productivity and tool life of conventional technologies. This titanium process solution is composed of several key machining technologies including a high-power, high-torque tilting spindle, Collision Safe Guard and Autonomic Spindle Technologies, high-pressure, high-flow coolant system, vibration damping system and a rigid machine construction.

ADVANTiGE technologies have been introduced as part of Makino’s T-series 5-axis horizontal machining centers, including the T2 and T4. Built specifically for large titanium aerospace parts, such as edge frames, pylons and bulkheads, the T-series provides the rigidity, dynamic stiffness, vibration damping and agility necessary for more productive titanium machining and longer tool life.

Aluminum in Aerospace Makino’s purpose-built family of large 5-axis horizontal machining centers for aluminum monolithic aerospace part production expands with the new A8, A12 and A20. Building upon the design of Makino’s widely successful MAG series machines, this new line of horizontal machining centers incorporates Makino’s latest features and technologies, including Volumetric Accuracy Compensation and a high-power, high-speed spindle.

The A8, A12 and A20 are built to accommodate large aerospace structural parts, increase machining accuracy and reduce cycle times for lower costs and higher productivity. With top spindle speeds of 33,000 rpm, these machines are setting new records in aluminum metal-removal rates, allowing faster part delivery and bottom-line growth.

Grinding, Drilling, Boring and Milling in One Machine Makino’s chalet will highlight the G5 and new G7 multifunctional 5-axis horizontal machining centers, capable of grinding, drilling, boring and milling all in one platform for reduced capital equipment purchasing and elimination of out-of-cut time. The G5 helps eliminate setups, work in process and stack-up errors due to multiple setups.

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Makino to Highlight New Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions at 2012 Farnborough International …

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