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Now in its 17th year, the Travel Photographer of the Year contest consistently offers a world-class array of images, spanning everything from landscapes and wildlife to people and architecture. This years winning shots are perhaps the most incredible batch yet, including mind-bending drone shots of Iceland and thrilling animal photography.

Judging these awards, whilst arduous with so many excellent images to choose from, is always a joy and it is both exhilarating and stimulating to see the wealth of creativity evident from around the world, explains Chris Coe, co-founder of the contest. This years winning entries are outstanding in all categories, elegant and sometimes thought-provoking and gritty.

David Alpert/

The contest is divided between a number of single shot and portfolio categories, including Street Life, Thrills & Adventures, and Endangered Planet. The overall winner is decided based on the best eight images submitted in the portfolio categories, while extra prizes include Young Photographer of the Year, and best photograph taken with a smart phone or tablet.

Katy Gomez Catalina/

The top prize this year went to amateur photographer Katy Gomez Catalina, whose day job is a doctor of veterinary science. The winning portfolio comprises eight wonderful black and white images covering the entire globe, from China to Uganda to the United Arab Emirates.

My subjects are very varied being travel photography a common link in all my work, says Katy Gomez Catalina. The camera has become an inseparable companion, I cannot see the world if it is not through the eyes of a camera, with these images I compose my travel story as a writer with his diary.

Brian Clopp/

Brian Clopps remarkable portfolio featuring wild stallions won the Thrills and Adventures category. Clopp spent a week camping amongst a herd of wild Onaqui horses in Utah, capturing some spectacular and rarely seen behaviors, including two stallions battling for dominance of the herd.

Paul Sansome/

Other winning highlights include Paul Sansomes poignant shot of a flooded Venice, Ted Laus peek behind the curtain at hundreds of school students training for the Mass Games in Pynongyang, North Korea, and Patria Prasasyas portfolio looking at the colorful makeshift city of Malang in Indonesia.

Take a look through our gallery at more highlights from this years great competition.

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Tour the world with the Travel Photographer of the Year winners - New Atlas

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