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HOLIDAY plans have been left in chaos as Brits fear for trips abroad due to the outbreak of coronavirus, which has infected over 93,000 globally.

With Italy reporting more than 2,500 cases, and many European and Asian countries facing rising numbers of infections, we reveal the popular travel destinations that haven't yet reported coronavirus.


There are still a number of destinations Brits can travel to which currently have no reported cases of the infectious virus.

However, this could still change at short notice, so it is advised to be up to date with local travel advice, as countries remain on high alert.

Destinations in Europe close to the UK which remain unaffected include Malta, Bulgaria and Cyprus, all of which have no reported cases.

Lanzarote is also one of the few islands in Spain to be unaffected along with Ibiza and Gran Canaria, while Hungary is yet to report cases.

But two Hungarians, one in Vienna and one in Japan, have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Until then, the countries are currently monitoring the situation but the travel advice states the countries are safe to travel with no restrictions.

Despite this, it is worth taking out travel insurance and checking you are covered in case of a coronavirus outbreak.

An outbreak could result in flights being cancelled or hotels being closed, as well as additional expenses when booking new flights.



Holidays further afield to the Maldives or Cape Verde can go ahead without any travel updates, as coronavirus has not spread to these regions.

Turkey has also not reported any cases of coronavirus, while Laos and Myanmar in Southeast Asia remain unaffected, although caution is advised due to their close proximity to countries reporting high cases of the virus.

Despite facing no coronavirus cases, the countries are still struggling as tourism plummets.

Other destinations which have cases are struggling too - Indonesia is planning on spending more than 500,000, on a tourism drive due to a drop in numbers, while the finance minister of New Zealand said the country faces "serious impact" from the virus.

Italy has seen 90 per cent of bookings cancelled, while hotel bookings in Thailand are down 10 per cent.

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It is advised against travelling to the north of Italy after more than 2,000 cases of coronavirus were reported across Lombardy and Veneto.

Here is the latest travel advice for Greece, Austria and Thailand.

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The holiday destinations around the world which have no cases of coronavirus - The Sun

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