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The list shows how Asian destinations are the ones dominating the list, by clinching more than 40 entries. Hong Kong is likely to hold on to its popular status of being the worlds most popular city, despite handling political unrest for months, which led to a sharp decline in tourist arrivals. However, the good news is, Delhi enters the ranks for the first time. And here is the list of top 10 most visited tourist destinations in 2019.

Hong KongWith estimated international arrivals of 26.7 million, Hong Kong holds the numero uno position, despite dealing with political unrest for months. This destination is as cosmopolitan as you can imagine, and is always bustling with activity. Its rapidly developing economy can give almost all the emerging cities a run for their money. And no matter what you want to grace your travel itinerary with, Hong Kong has something for everyone.

BangkokWith estimated international arrivals of 25.8 million, Bangkok secures the second spot in the list. Here, you get to witness the amazing blend of old-world charm and modernity. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, may come across as a bit chaotic, but its infectious energy will welcome you with open arms the moment you land here. Also, the interesting ambience that this destination creates with its high-rise apartments, high-end dining spots, five-star luxurious hotels, delicious street foods, buzzing nightclubs, Buddhist meditation centres, and much more, will give you an experience of a lifetime.MacauWith estimated international arrivals of 20.6 million, Macau finds itself in the third position. From famous casinos to many hidden treasures, this peninsula has in store more surprises than you can think. Macau may seem small, and that you might think your itinerary will be light, but dont just fall for this. This little wonder will welcome you with serene temples, black-sand beaches, hedonistic malls, adventure options, and if you like these things, Macau is a place for you.SingaporeWith estimated international arrivals of 19.8 million, Singapore is in the fourth position. Having attained a glamourous status in the tourist circuit, this place has all the features to attract adventure lovers, shopaholics, photographers, backpackers, and artists. Lovingly referred to as Garden City, Singapore is that place you need to visit and its stamp should definitely grace your passport.


With estimated international arrivals 19.1 million, Paris is in the sixth position. This place with all its beauty will be a feast for your senses, and the sights will please you wherever you go. Immersed in history, Paris will leave a remarkable impression on you and is often considered as one of the most glamorous cities in the world. And a tour of Paris, with glamour and culture juxtaposed, there will never be a dull day in Paris.


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Most popular travel destinations of 2019 that created records - Times of India

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